Sawyers Chevrolet, Catskillwheel balancing and more...

I bought my 2011 Cadillac SRX on July 29, 2016. Before I purchased the vehicle I tested drove it and noticed then that the air conditioning didn't feel very cold so before I signed anything and drove it off the lot I requested that they check the AC, the brakes and rotors, and the battery.

On 8/3/16 I had to bring it back to have the front rotors replaced which they only replaced the rotors and not the brakes, I was not charged.

On 8/18/16 I was driving to Florida for vacation when the AC stopped working in Virginia. I had to drive to and from Florida in a 100+ degree weather without AC. This did not make me happy at all especially since I had told them there was something wrong with the AC before I bought it and asked them to check it out. I did not complain to them because I was over my 1, 000 miles or 30 days when I returned from my cruise. A few month after my vacation I received a call from someone there checking up on how I liked the vehicle and I explained the situation and she told me to come in and check the system.

On 11/5/16 they claimed they did a dye test and found no leaks and recharged the system. It was November so I did not need the AC until next Spring/Summer which it did work again until September that's when it died again on a hot day on my way up to Buffalo. I was upset again to say the least but dealt with it until this summer when it was just too unbearable to drive it any longer without AC.

I brought it to some place else this July and had it tested. I was told there was a blockage and that the compressor and valve needed to be replace at a hefty cost of almost $700. I feel that when Sawyers checked this AC out of the "kindness" of their hearts they knew that the compressor and valve were bad but didn't want to fix it at their cost and I feel they should have since I complained about it even before I drove it off the lot.

Lets move on to the most recent issue with Sawyers.

On 4/18/18 I had 4 new tires put on with them being balance and aligned. Everything seemed fine when on left no issues.

On 6/22/18 I go in for an oil change and rotation of tires and to find out why my ABS and Service Trac lights are on. They tested it and said that the 2 rear wheel bearings and that both upper control arm bushings were bad.

On 6/25/18 I brought the vehicle back in to have the wheel bearings and upper control arm bushing replaced and performed an alignment.

My car sat for a while at home after the 6/25 repair because of the AC issue, it was just too hot that driving it was not an option.

When I started driving the car again (the week of July 9th) I noticed that the front end would shimmy when I would hit about 60-65 mph. So I called Sawyers the week of July 16th to talk to David to see if he thought it needed to be balanced again. He said that it could be that but that they would have to look at it. That's when he said that if the tires needed to be balanced that it would cost me again. I said that I didn't think I should pay for them to be balanced again.

On 7/28/18 I returned to have Sawyers check out the front end shimmy. I was told it they had to Balance the tires again and it cost me $53.

I feel that for me to have to go back in such a short span for 4 tires to be balanced again only means that the tech(s) did not properly balance them to begin with and that Sawyers should have not charged me for their mistake.

I can honestly say that I have been so disappointed in my service with them that I have decided not to take my vehicle back there for any more repairs.

They have lost a customer.


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    Just a very unhappy customer.

Jul 31, 2018

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