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Recently I purchased a mattress from The salesperson was very smooth and slick, which should have been my first clue that they were not a reputable company with a quality product. He told me the bed was very well crafted and the best price on the internet. I believed him and bought the bed. When it arrived, it was built by what looked like amateurs that were late for lunch. Poor stitching, poor quilting, very little wool in the cover and the cover was very rough. I'm not sure how this company stays in business. My repeated attempts to return the bed go no where and I have to resort to a chargeback with my credit card company. I do not recommend at all. Poor company with a poor product that's expensive. savvyrest should take lessons from it's competition on how to build a bed.


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      Aug 04, 2009

    Dear Susan,

    We were distressed to read your comments; it's remarkable to us that anyone would describe their experience with us or our products in this way. You'll understand that a company might wonder about such scathing comments; with the advent of the Internet, a growing practice is that in addition to legitimate reviews, certain (fortunately few) companies will resort to anonymous blogs or forums in an effort to damage the competition.

    We haven't been able to find you in our customer database in order to respond to your concerns, or offer you the personal, one-on-one customer service that we normally provide. It will be easy to sort out if you would call us at [protected] and provide us basic information regarding your order. We will be glad to talk with you one on one. That is how we respond to any customer's concern.

    The best way to understand how the materials feel is to request our free samples at [protected] Our natural latex is the finest quality produced anywhere, and comes in many combinations for personalized firmness. The certified organic cotton fabric of the outer mattress casing is soft to the touch, yet with a sturdy weave to make it very durable. The organic wool fiber quilted inside the casing adds more comfort, and also prevents heat buildup.

    Our commitment to courteous, respectful and thorough customer service is serious and consistent. People who contact our customer service department come away feeling heard, respected, and valued. Our policy is openness, honesty, and respectful communication.

    We have earned our reputation for integrity, courtesy, and superlative service, and we'd be happy to answer your questions at any time. We always answer the phone ourselves during business hours, and there is also a live answering service. You will never be put into a voice menu. Or, you may email us directly at [protected] and you will receive a personal response from a member of our staff.

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