SavvibuyPs4 console still hasn't arrived!!!

I purchased a ps4 console from yourselves on the guarantee that it would be delivered between the 16th and 22nd of December.
I purchased it for my son as a Christmas present as you's are already aware from emails I've sent and had no response from!!!
I then called to be told by an automated service which is still on when u call saying sorry if you haven't received products delivery date will be the 3rd-6th January.
It is now the 11th of January the PlayStation still hasn't arrived and I've not heard anything at all from yourselves. Which as a professional company is disgusting.
My son can't even play with half of his things he got for Christmas as they are accessories and games for the console.
I am absolutely disgusted I've not heard a thing and would appreciate it if this doesn't get ignored like my previous emails.


Jan 11, 2017

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