Savon Pharmacy, Decatur/Craig, NLV, NV / substitute pharmacist

I have been using the same pharmacy for 10 years now and they know me. Nov. 17 i submitted three prescriptions, one has had a Prior Auth. on it for over two years. Went to pick them up and the pharmacist refused to fill the prescription for Ambien, 2 10 mg. tabs at night for insomnia. He said he didn't feel comfortable filling it...I asked did he see the prior auth on file, he said yes, I asked did you not ask any of the staff about me or my history, he said Sandra was there and he did not ask her, he is the pharmacist...I said I know Sandra...again he said he is the pharmacist...I said because you were uncomfortable I was left to experience night terrors for an entire night and keep my family awake with the screaming...he said he was uncomfortable...seriously...I take the meds to survive years of abuse suffered from being held and I need to go any further humiliating myself? I want him fired, I want him suspended with CEU's required before he can enter another pharmacy and work with patients alone. Those are my two conditions...Who am I to make demands...The retired Nevada State Social Worker, retired from the VA VeteransHome In Boulder City...I will go public...right now Channel 8, CBS affiliate is doing a week long investigative piece about this very issue...Over correcting and issue and hurting people in need.

Nov 26, 2017

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