SaveologyTechGood experience

After we got a laptop, I discovered we needed more equipment to make it work. I found SaveologyTech, called in an order, and put the charges on my credit card. When the gear arrived (only two days later), I had learned that due to misunderstandings at both ends of the line, I needed to return it. So, I sent an e-mail, offering to eat the shipping cost, but asking for the rest to be credited to my card. Then to see how they might treat customers under such circumstances, I looked for comments about this company. I found some some positive ones, but also some that made me wonder if I would ever even receive any reply to my e-mail. But only a few hours later, I got a call from a manager who made me feel like she was a friend who wanted to solve my problem as fully as possible. She said all charges, even for shipping, would be refunded, and they were the next day, before I even sent the items back. At least for the way they treated me, I would certainly say, “Bravo, SaveologyTech”.


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