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MY CONTINUING NIGHTMARE! I am one of the unfortunate suckers that visited the savemyhomeusa website and read their"testimonials" as well as their "satisfaction 100% no questions money back guarantee" and i retained them. Its been over 6 months now and I am having the same problem that many or the other clients are having, they arernt returning any of my calls. i have called thousands of times. The few times Ive reached someone it wasnt because anyone called me..ever, It was probably a fluke that someone over there picked up the phone because the ringer may have been off! But nevertheless iot didnt help me any because they would just hang up on me..


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      Jul 03, 2009

    Did you think the so-called testimonials on THEIR website would say they were SCAMMERS? Would you allow anyone talking negatively about your product to remain as a testimonial on your site? GET REAL!! ALL of the "testimonials" about ANY product on ANY website or TV, RADIO, or INTERNET commercial is FAKE...Were you born yesterday? Are you that naive, trusting and stupid?

    They will promise or guarantee you ANYTHING until they get your credit info. They are ALL that way, every damn one of them.


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      Jul 17, 2009

    Bradley Keith sounds like you have way to much time on your hands. Call 1000 times is crazy why dont you hire a attorney if you have a case against them? Probably because you don't! My guess is you could not afford the loans you took out - Probably pulled out all the equity to go to the casino or something and now pointing the finger and everyone except yourself. GOOD LUCK BRADLY...

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      Aug 18, 2009

    Loan Modificaiton Fraud - SCAM - ATTORNEY GENERAL
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    Madison Heights, Michigan
    United States

    Best Loan Modification Companies - How to Stop Foreclosure

    Countrywide consumers have many question right now concerning Loan Modification Companies and the legitimacy of loan modification programs. However, it has been proven that Loan Modifications are a reality and that it is possible to stop foreclosure proceedings through them.

    According to Hector Milla editor of the “Best Loan Modification Companies” website -- -- through a loan mod those facing a foreclose proceeding are able to;

    “… lower their payments, secondly they can get a lower interest rate and they can lower their overall principal, finally they are able to stop foreclosure immediately once they get the loan modified …

    But that is not all, the value of homes has decreased and it is very likely that the value of houses close to be foreclosed has been decreased too, then it is possible to save in taxes, a visit to the county tax assessor is highly suggested, see the home values in the area and get information about the way to lower taxes based on the decrease. It is very likely that, if a reduction in taxes is granted that value will be maintained for some time.

    H. Milla added “several people are trying to get their loan modified by themselves, that it is not recommendable if you don’t have some type of real estate background, the paper work can be tricky sometimes, trying to save some money can produce devastating effects in the future by misinterpreting the paperwork involved. The best and smart move is research in order to find a reputable company to handle your loan modification…”

    The number of people desperate to save their homes is enormous nowadays, so lenders are more than willing to help borrowers to resolve foreclosure problems, those that do not know how to stop foreclosure should get --once again-- help from one of the best debt consolidation companies in the market. A home is a dream, use all possible alternatives to keep that dream alive.


    Visit for further information, this website has listed the best 3 rated loan modification companies.

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      Aug 18, 2009

    5 ways to stop foreclosure: How loan modification works

    The housing market is showing signs of recovering, but a lot of homeowners are still looking for solutions to devalued homes, or adjustable rate mortgages.

    If you are in trouble with your home, and think you have exhausted all your options, there still may be hope.

    According to Dawn Aguilar, owner and founder of The Foreclosure Group, there are new programs coming into play all the time.

    Aguilar created The Foreclosure Group in March of 2008, out of necessity.

    "As a Senior Loan Specialist for many years, I began getting calls from so many former clients asking me to help them with their loan modifications, " said Aguilar. "When the economic downturn began and the bottom fell out of the mortgage industry, I quickly understood that most homeowners have no idea how to get their loans modified. My business focus came about out of need, out of understanding and, most of all, out of the desire to help homeowners in a compassionate manner stay in the homes that they love."

    While each situation is different, and there is no one solution that works for everyone, here are some of Aguilar’s tips to dealing with a troubling housing situation.

    Five ways to stop foreclosure:

    1. Loan modification (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, traditional)

    2. Short sale: If your home is worth less than the amount you owe, Aguilar suggests you find out if the lender will cooperate on the short sale. Aguilar says this will affect your credit, but not as badly as foreclosure.

    3. Deed-in lieu of foreclosure: Aguilar says this is when you deed the house back to the lender. This process will affect credit the same as a foreclosure.

    4. Repayment plan (forbearance): This is where the lender will make arrangements to pay back missed payments before taking legal action.

    5. Sell your home

    Six criteria for loan modification:
    1. Job loss/unexpected unemployment

    2. Sudden illness or medical emergency

    3. Divorce/loss of second income

    4. Job demotion or promotion denials

    5. Inability to pay an adjustable interest rate/with no option to refinance

    6. Excessive debt obligations

    Five things to watch out for when hiring a loan modification company

    1. Guarantees, there are NO guarantees ever. Aguilar says beware of a loan modification officer who guarantees they can get you a home loan modification

    2. Offer to buy your house for cash at a price that is below market.

    3. Someone who tells you to make your house mortgage payment directly to them

    4. Advising you to transfer your property deed or title.

    5. Makes a plan to pay your mortgage and then they will lease it back to you.

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      Aug 26, 2009
    SaveMyHomeUSA - icant' get them to contact me and no progress on my loan modification
    save my home usa
    Grants Pass
    United States

    It has been months since I sent in my money for them to get a loan modification on my house. I cannot reach them by phone now, or email, all return undeliverable. I want my money back or some explaination of the progress.

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      Sep 02, 2009

    HAMP – The Home Affordable Modification Program is NOT working. To date, only 235, 000 loans have been modified under this program, while funds have been set aside to modify up to 4 million loans. To find out if you technically qualify for a modification based on HAMP guidelines, click here to access the 5 question quiz on the government website.

    The banks have all kinds of excuses why borrowers do not qualify for this program. But the number 1 excuse banks are using is that the guidelines are too rigid. For instance, your mortgage payment cannot exceed 31% of your gross income. First of all, loans were not originally underwritten with this 31% number, so technically this makes almost all borrowers eligible for HAMP. But loan servicers are saying the formula is too narrow and does not take into account all the other debt borrowers have or are piling up during the economic slowdown. CitiMortgage, which services one out of every ten mortgages in the U.S., says the formula is the #1 reason why borrowers are being excluded from the program.

    Some banks are using the excuse that they do not actually own the loan, but only service it, so they cannot modify a loan they do not own. This is a tired excuse that most of the major news networks have already covered. Servicers CAN modify loans, regardless of this excuse they are throwing around.

    Some servicers are coming up with their own plans for modifying loans. From what I am hearing from my readers, and from other media reports, most of these “plans” are a joke, intended to benefit the lenders, not the borrowers. Here's an example of one such "plan. This lender, Carrington Mortgage is switching people out of fixed rate mortgages into variable rate mortgages, and while deferring delinquent payments, and adding them to the principal, (AND still reporting the borrower delinquent to the credit bureaus), they are putting this borrower at the mercy of the market. This is a stop gap measure at best, and another money maker for the lender in the long run.

    Other lenders are allowing borrowers to stay in their homes as renters, while following through on the foreclosure process. This sounds to me like the banks protecting only themselves, while borrowers are really taking it on the chin. Sure, you stay in your house, but the bank owns it, literally can throw you out at their whim. In the meantime, the bank does not have to put the house back on the market during this depressed valuation cycle, or leave it vacant, because they have a renter in there to maintain the property, and carry the debt.

    Still other lenders are putting people into modifications on a “trial basis.” While we don’t have details on these “trials, ” what we do know is that as long as the bank “modifies” the loan, the collect government incentives, unless the house is sold. This explains allowing the now non-owner of the house to remain in the property. Technically the house has not been sold? But it has – the bank owns it now, not the borrower.

    What is clear is that the guidelines for the HAMP program require drastic revision, or it will never work. I am not advocating that all delinquent borrowers should get a 2% modified rate for the life of the loan.
    Perhaps dropping the rate to what is truly affordable, given all a borrowers current debt, and current income, for a period of time, perhaps 2 years, and then gradually increasing the payments to a reasonable market level of 5% perhaps for the remainder of the loan, makes more sense than the “innovation” that banks are using now.

    In any event, the push is on to get banks to modify loans, so the government is again handing out money to banks to make this happen. The banks slated to receive the largest sums of money for this program right now are Countrywide (now owned by B of A), Chase, Wells Fargo, and Lehmans. I’m sorry, but aren’t most of these the very same banks that just reported hundreds of billions of dollars in profits last quarter? When do we stop rewarding banks for their failures and poor management, and start taking care of the people in this country?

    Today is September 1. Congress is back in session, and there is word that HAMP will be addressed again. Maybe they will come up with a plan that will actually work this time?

    CNBC reported this morning that banks are easing up on "short sale" approvals to try to assist homeowners facing foreclosures.

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      Sep 05, 2009

    I agree 100%. I am in the same situation. I paid them $3000.00 on May 12, 2009. I sent them everything they asked for and much more within 3 days. There were hundreds of faxes. The first 2 weeks were ok and we communicated on a bi-weekly basis, or as needed. After about 3 weeks, my phone calls were not returned and my emails were not answered, but I always received a "delivery and read" notification. I would have to send the undewriter pointed emails to get their attention, only to have them return an email with some automated acknowledgement that they had received my request for information and were working on my modification. After about 2 months, I requested answers to a list of answers detailing my concerns, as well as the status of my loan modification. I re-sent the email 4 times over a period of 2 more weeks. In the last email, I was mad and gave them a lesson on Business realtions 101 and questioned their integrity with a legal approach in mind. The lawyer in charge simply replied with his direct phone number and email, but did not answer any of my questions from the previous email. This happened a month ago. When I tried calling his number, it was no longer in service. When I tried calling the "sales" agent from Savemyhome that set me up with the program and took my $3000.00, his numbers were also no longer in service. This morning, I called CHASE Credit Card services and complained to them about this FRAUD, and they immediately refunded me the $3000.00. They told me that they would investigate this matter. I also found out that if you try to access the website, it re-directs you a different loan modification company called I entered my user name and password as it explains, but nothing happens. This website is designed ro re-direct Savemyhomeusa clients for unknown reasons. This website also has an address to where you can write a letter and request a refund. I however did not bother with it, since I read in another blog that the letters were not being answered. With this in mind and my evidence on hand, this company has breached the so-called "contract".
    The fact that I need help modifying my loan, does not mean I am a loser and an idiot. I just need some help and guidance in the subjet matter to get things rolling in the right direction and see what options can be offered. I just lost 4 months trying to accomplish an important goal. I will try negotiation with the bank directly, unless someone knows somebody who can take charge of the matter and give me 100 % dedication, and zero % inaction.

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      Sep 11, 2009
    SaveMyHomeUSA - loan modification
    United States

    Savemyhomeusa was of no help which i am not holding the company responsible maybe it was my lender not being willing to compromise. My problem with save my home usa is the last month of dealing with loan modification suddenly the phone number for the lady i was dealing with is no longer a working no. therefore cannot talk to anyone, also the address to request refund doesnt seem to be available on the website any longer. Does anyone have this address?

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      Sep 11, 2009

    no one will talk to me now

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      Sep 11, 2009

    savemyhomeusa didnt do anything for me. I not sure if they didnt try very hard or wells fargo just woulnt compromise. The last month of modification the contact number for my underwriter was no longer a working number have left messages on website but no one calls back. Suddenly the address to get money refunded is no longer on savemyhome website. Does anyone know this address?

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      Oct 05, 2009

    We turned to our mortgage broker, who set us up with saveMyHomeUSA. For one month's mtg. payment we could get out loan modified and this real estate nightmare would begin to be behind us. He told us that we were one of the last people to get in with a guaranteed result in 90 days from saveMyHomeUSA. Here it is, 6 months later and we cannot get a live person on the line. All we got from the broker was another referrral to a website, The website stated they would be taking over the SaveMyHomeUSA cases, to send an e-mail and in time they would respond. It has been weeks and I received no e-mail response from this new company.

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      Oct 14, 2009
    SaveMyHomeUSA - loan modification
    New Jersey
    United States

    I had pd them one thousand dollars to do a loan mod. and gave them

    alot of personnal information. i have a receipt for the money i pd.

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      Oct 25, 2009

    I am seriously in agreement with "Distraught" . Save my home has changed their phone number, they will not respond to e-mails, my file has not been updated since Sept. 24, 2009 and we are about to lose our home. They have been "working" on our file since July 6, 2009 to no avail. It has been three months, and the agent who talked to me is no longer there !!! WHAT DO WE DO NOW !!

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      Oct 31, 2009
    SaveMyHomeUSA - loan modification
    United States

    I began the loan modification process in Feb. 09 and after 4 months, they verbally told me they couldn't help me. I never received anything in writing and now they are nowhere to be found and I cannot get my $3, 000 back. Phones, faxes, and email addresses are disconnected. This is not good.

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      Apr 26, 2012
    SaveMyHomeUSA - loan modification
    United States

    About three years ageo we tried to get a loan modirication through savemyhomeusa and after we gave them 1700.00 we never heard back from them.

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