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I received a call and the person on the phone told he was a Saveinkart representative. He said they had some special offers and few contests. After he explained everything I thought that it was quite interesting and decided that it wont do any harm.
When the contest was over they contacted me again and said that I was a lucky winner! I was extremely happy and did not notice the whole thing was just a scam.
Their rep said that I need to pay some money to get my prize. Yes, I know, it was very foolish of me, but I paid. In the end they just took my money and I never received anything. People, beware, Saveinkart is a scam website! Do not give them your money and don't believe them. They will lure you into this scam, then they'll say you won and ask you to pay. Don't do that!! You have been warned!

Feb 1, 2017

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