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Thieves need to brake into your house to steal something. does not have to go to your house they do it through the computer. This a big scam, bait and switch and they hold you hostage, by threating to ruin peoples lives when you catch on to them. They will threaten to goto collection agencies to run your credit.

This company does business under so many names that I can not count. They keep switching there name when people catch on to there scam.

you are not signing up for no $5.95 alarm monitoring. The coupon they offer you is also a scam. They tell you over the phone that there is no contract terms, but that is lie. Once you sign up for there service at $5.95 you have to stay with them for 2 1/2 years $19.95 after what you already signed up for.

They will charge your credit cards for things you never received. when you try to cancel they want your social security number, to go after you.

They will send you Emails for things you never ordered. There so much to list. I ask every one to contact the BBB for all the complaints that have been lodged against this company or simply type in and you will see all the sites that have complaints against this company.

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  • Ja
      Aug 13, 2010

    I purchased equipments from them and subscribed one year service with them in January 2008. When my service ended in January 2009, they wanted me to return the purchased equipments and emailed me a bill with charges for unreturned equipments for over $800. From their website and the receipt I received, they did not say the equipments were leased. (I paid GE 24 Basic system for $199.95, 4 door sensors for $89.95, interior motion for $69.95, 2 key fob for $59.90, etc). Since I purchased these equipments, of course I don't want to return them. They keep sending me bills and said according to Terms & Conditions, I should return all equipment to them and they never sell equipments but only lease them. I checked Terms & Conditions, which has 53 items and the document does not say all equipments are leased. (They may have changed Terms to include this one). They are now threatening to sue me in court.

    There were also hidden charges for the services I never requested (one of them was auto test signal sent from the system to the service center and monthly fee was about $5). They charged cancelation fee although I only purchased one year service. All charges went directly to my credit card. I called my credit card company to reject all these charges.

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