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Saturn / Do not buy a Saturn never ever!

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My brand new Gold Saturn SC1 was purchased in 1996. At 22,000 miles the car needed 4 days of serious engine work to replace the head gasket and other vital parts. At the time I was shocked, I just sold a Toyota Corolla with 100K miles on it and it ran great. I was assured this was no big deal by the manager of the dealership and it was covered so it cost me nothing.

The exact repair had to be done again at 36K miles. I called the Corporate office in Spring Hill and was told it was no big deal as I purchased an extended warranty. I was assured it was a fluke and I should have smooth sailing.

I became disabled and the car sat. At 64K miles the same repair yet again. This time it was a big deal because SATURN insisted that regardless of the past history of this car - I GOT TO PAY FOR THE REPAIRS! This cost me $1792 on 11/16/06.

I called the area manager at Saturn this corporate robot -Carolyn, was cold, and rebutted any argument I had concerning this vehicle. Had I been working and driving as I was when I first bought this car, this HEAD GASKET Issue would have occurred alot sooner than it did.

Saturn does not care. This SC1 in addition to this painful experience had 3 car alarms installed as the original 2 failed, 2 factory installed radio's installed as they began "eating" my tapes. Several repeat electrical problems and many break issues. The front drivers seat crumbled immediately. Saturn only offered to replace the cover but not pay for the installation.

The worst car, car company I ever had. I am hoping to retrieve some of my losses with Saturn, but as you can see by the above, I probably won't. DO NOT BUY A SATURN EVER EVER

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  • Va
      9th of Jan, 2007
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    I bought a 93 SW-2 wagon brand new. The dealer had it more than I did. I won't go into any details but I was not going to own that car without the warranty that was up at 36k, so I traded it off at 30k for a camry wagon. The 94 Camry currently has 218K and runs great. One more thing the market knows how bad Saturns are and they do not hold resale value so in fact the cars are very expensive. This was my first and last Saturn.

  • Va
      9th of Jan, 2007
    0 Votes

    Do you really feel that your ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD car should be "replaced" due to various problems it is having??? Hello ... it is eleven years old!!! It is highly unreasonable to expect it to run like new! At eleven years old, you're lucky the car is still running at all! You can't really be serious ...

  • Va
      9th of Jan, 2007
    0 Votes

    This car maybe chronologically old but the piece of crap had the same problems from the get go. Saturn felt that the first two times I complained about this car that it really shouldn't matter to me because the will "factory fix it" for me FREE. To have the same problem surface at 16,000 mile intervals demonstrates the following to me:

    1. Car was a LEMON- A PIECE OF CRAP from the get go and:

    2. Saturn's replacement parts and inept mechanics could never get this car right.

    65,000 miles trouble free did not happen for me, they owe me.

  • Va
      9th of Jan, 2007
    0 Votes

    As my frustration grew I took the Saturn Corporation to small claims court. Armed with documentation of past identical internal cylinder head cracks, the notice I got from Saturn in 1999 which explained that such a crack might occur and they would be liable. Also I took with me the very expensive extended warranty I purchased.

    The SATURN SLOBS did not show. I presented my arguments at an Inquest. I WON! The credit card removed the charge.


    THE END.

  • Ma
      12th of Oct, 2007
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    We've had nothing but problems with Saturn service. Call in to the dealer and you always get voicemail. The Service Department doesn't call to let you know your car is ready. Service hours are 7:30-4:30. If your car isn't done, they go home. Can't even get an answer regarding why your car isn't done. You're left without transportation. Had a transmission leak in our new ION. Service Department couldn't find it. Had to take the car back three times before they put ultraviolet dye in the trans fluid. Sure enough there was a hairline crack in the transmission. Took them a month to get us a new transmission. The car has also been back four times for a defective trim gasket. They fix it, a week later it pops out. They finally ordered a new gasket. Took six weeks to get it. The the dealership never called to let us know the part was in. Then they were too busy to install it. We had to wait two weeks for an appointment. Today was the final straw. We had the car in for an oil change and requested new wiper blades. Told them not to install them since they charged us $25.00 the last time. Instead they charged us $20.00 PER BLADE! Not per pair... PER BLADE! The total was $40.00. When we complained we were told that was a discounted price. Saturn's list price is $30.00PER BLADE! $60.00 to replace your wiper blades. We've brought this to the attention of Saturn in the surveys they send us and don't get a response and no changes at our dealership. SATURN IS WORKING VERY HARD TO KEEP ANY CONSUMER COMPLAINTS QUIET! Be very careful before you buy a Saturn.

  • Ga
      19th of Oct, 2007
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    Saturn - Poor service!
    United States

    I have had 3 Saturns, all with the same complaints. The ignition switch. I will never buy another one. I have been stranded my last time. I have told numerous people about not buying a Saturn. The car runs well until you cannot get it to crank or even over. I am in my 60's and cannot afford to be stranded if I am out of town. I advise everyone not to buy a Saturn unless you want to be burdened with the headaches.

  • Rk
      20th of Feb, 2008
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    Saturn - Sales scam!
    6600 dixie highway
    United States

    I was in communication with this dealer via e-mail in an attempt to buy a new Saturn VUE. I finally decided this was the car I wanted(price was not an issue; I am a retired GM employee and my new car price is fixed), and drove eighty-five miles to this dealership only to find that the "new" car I wanted had almost 5000 miles on it. The salesman explained that it was a "program" car. When I asked why it was advertised as new when it obviously wasn't new, he said that they could advertise the car as new regardless of the miles on the clock because it hadn't been titled. He knew from previous e-mail exchanges that I was only interested in new cars, so he misled me intentionally, figuring if he could entice me to drive all that distance I would buy something rather than go home empty handed. Classic bait and switch! Beware consumers in the Louisville area!!!

  • Do
      18th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    I thought I had a problem with Saturn, but yours just makes me feel like I am even more justified in saying "I WILL NEVER BUY A GM VEHICLE - LET ALONE A SATURN". With only 47, 000 miles on it, my 2001 Saturn 200L timing chain broke while I was driving at 45 mph. The company rep said it must have been caused by poor maintenance on my part and they had no responsibility at all. I later looked up problems with this series of Saturn on the internet and found that the government was investigating Saturn L series cars due to so many timing chains breaking. Saturn sucks.

  • An
      9th of Apr, 2009
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    I agree with this person, don't ever buy a saturn. This experience sound exactly like mine without the extended warranty. Even with the warranty I had problems getting work done in Canada on a car that was bought in the US even though when I bought it I was told it was a non issue. I even had problems getting recall work done.

  • Tj
      27th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Had to deal with Saturn robots also. Same problem four times over. When the waranty was up its the customers problem even if it happens time and time again. NEVER DEAL WITH GM or SATURN...EVER.

  • St
      4th of Jun, 2009
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    Saturn - Sensors and Transmission
    saturn sabb

    When purchasing my used saturn, I was sold a car, had it insured, and then told that car had mistakenly been sold. They assured me they had an even better car (newer model) to make up for the mistake. The car has been nothing but problems since I bought it.

  • Rj
      19th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes
    Saturn - Won't make key for dead mother's car
    Saturn of Orlando South
    8620 S. Orange Blossom Tr
    United States
    Phone: (877) 857-8912

    My mother passed away recently. I was her only child, so it was up to me to wind up her affairs. One thing I have to do is to dispose of her 2004 Saturn Ion. She died in the hospital and no one seemed to know what happened to her car keys.

    I thought, no problem, I'll go to the dealer with the VIN and get a new key. No way, they told me. They flatly refused to make a new key unless the car's owner was "physically standing in front" of them. What was I supposed to do, bring in her ashes??

    I called the Saturn customer service number and they backed up the dealer. It didn't matter to them that I had the death certificate in hand and that my mother died without a will.

    So, in addition to the trauma I was already going through, I was getting jerked around by these pinheads. They should be ashamed.

    And they probably wonder why no one wants their crappy cars and the crappy service that goes with them.

  • Ke
      14th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes
    Saturn - Saturn corp not dealing with the problem
    United States

    I have owen the saturn ion 2 for 6 months and have 3200 mi. on the car and it has been in the shop for the same problem 8 times and now one knows how to fix the car and all the can say i well if it comes back on bring it back and will try somthing different i should not have to take a new car to the dealer for repairs this many times at this time all they have offerd me is a searvice plan . im fed up with saturn corp not dealing with the problem.

  • Jm
      11th of Apr, 2013
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    Saturn - Sensors and Transmission
    United States

    2003 L300 Saturn. I inheritated this vehicle from my late husband. Since July of 2011, I have replaced 3 sensors, the A/C has gone completely out, This will cast me around $500.00 and the transmission gets hot and begins shifting extremly rough. I took it in and they told me it is another sensor in the transmission that will one day have to be replaced to a tune of about $1500. The sensors parts have cost me from $150 to $300 for the just the part, not including labor. Very frustrated. Keep watching for recalls, but they are just not there. I will never buy another Saturn.

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