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I needed answere about installations. Simple enough I thought. No one even new who my installers were or how to get me to someone who could tell me anything. I keept getting transfered to Dish Networks customer service who had nothing to do with installing. After the fourth time being transfered customer service at Dish Network gave them a little call for me. She was on the phone with them for 20 minuts dealing with my simple question. I just needed to know if the installes that were to show up the next day had called had talked to the appartment comlex. They have special installations requests. Finally Dish Network told me to just cancle the order with the jokers and go direct with them. Placing my install out another few days. From there they didn't even tell their installers I canceled. They showed up to do an install that had been cancled for three days. I asked them directly to inform the installed not to come from they can't even communicate with themselves.

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  • Ja
      Oct 04, 2009

    Satellite solutions can't tell us who the local dealer is who offered us a promotion. The runaround is VERY FRUSTRATING. This is a very questionable business practice, if not an outright scam.
    The customer service personnel seem to be answering these complaints all the time; they have the same answers, use the same phrases. They have all our information, including the most current billing status, but can't tell us who their local retailer is who we cannot reach.
    It's very important to identify these people and take action against them. I am going to report this to Better Business Bureau and take it to the press. I encourage all who have been given the runaround to do the same.
    Dish Network spends big dollars on advertising. One would think they'd treat their customers a little better and know the kind of people who are working for them.

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