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I had an agreement with them to take £72.00 per year from my account in September each year. However, they took £72.00 in March 09 (six months early). I phoned on three occassions and each time they gave excuses and promised to re-pay the amount. It never came so I wrote to them on 1st June 09. However, still no response. I have cancelled my Direct Debit Mandate, but I would like my money back.
Also, the cost of calling this company is expensive and you are kept waiting for over 40 minutes each time.

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  • Sp
      Jul 24, 2009

    I have a similar complaint, in June they took £49.99 from my account one day followed the day after with my £12.99 monthly payment. I contacted them and they said it was for broadband, I informed them I had not asked for this and they said they would refund the £49.99 but it could take up to 28 days in the meantime as a gesture of goodwill they would not take a payment in June.
    I have still not received the refund and now find that of the three telephone numbers I have for the company all are playing the same message i.e."The service at this number is temporarily suspended". This suggests to me that either they have baled out with mine and many other peoples money or the company has gone bust!!!

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  • Mr
      Jul 24, 2009
    Satcover Ltd - direct debit
    Mrs J Brown
    England, West Sussex
    United Kingdom

    Whilst viewing my bank statement online i noticed a direct debit payment had been taken out by satcover ltd of £20, I have not used this company for at least 4yrs and i'm sure i cancelled the direct debit.This debit was taken out 19/06/09 on checking back as far as jan 2009 there are no others taken.

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  • An
      Jul 28, 2009

    In February Sat cover took £49.99 from my account when I complained I got the money back within few days and again in July they took another £49.99 when I called to complain they said I will have the money within 28days or advise me to call the Bank and claim the money when I called the bank they said they will only give me the money if Sat cover refuse to give me the refund. Sat cover gave me 2 months free subscriptions for inconvenience and when I called on the 28/07/09 the line temporarily suspended.

    I called Sky customer services to see if they can help and was told they never heard of the company and I did inform them that Sky must have given my details to Sat cover as how do they know I have Sky TV

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  • Sh
      Sep 10, 2009

    I had a direct debit set up with Satellite Direct for £40.00 per year.This years payment was taken out in July, however I have noticed on my bank statement a payment for £72.00 taken from my DEBIT CARD to a company called Something! I rang my bank who said it was to Satcover Ltd & gave me a number to ring. The company is also called Global Digital Broadcasting. I rang the number & was told that Satellite Direct have gone into Liquidation, and they have taken over their customers. They tried to tell me I had to claim the original £40 back from Satellite Direct!! I said I didn't as they were the only company I had given my bank (not card) details to, I wanted the £72 back from Satcover/Global Digitla Broadcasting. The lady I spoke to said she would "do the paperwork & refund my money". I asked how long it would take, but she said she didn't know!!! I have spoken to my bank again, and they have told me if I odn't get the rtefund, they will take it up as a dispute for me - but I', not holding my breath! Looks like I may have lost £72.00, and who is to say ot won't happen next year too???!!! Oh, and when I go on Satellite Direct's website, what's their phone number??? Yes, the same as I was given for the "new" company!!!

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