Satcover LtdUnauthorised direct debit

Satcover Ltd set up a Direct Debit for £9 from our Royal Bank of Scotland Bank Account presented on 17 June 2009 without our permission.

We had not spoken to anyone over the telephone or agreed to anything in writing to set this up as we already have Satellite Cover through Sky.

A few years ago they had had mislead us over the phone saying they were Sky & our cover needed renewing so we had given them our Bank details to set up the Direct Debit. When we found out that our other cover was still in situ we cancelled the Satcover & stopped the Direct Debit.

Since then they have phone several times telling us our Satellite cover is expiring but we are wiser now & never agree to anything over the phone.

However several times since then they have just started up the Direct Debit again without even contacting us.

I have cancelled the Direct Debit at the Bank.
The Bank gave me the telephone number & address of Satcover but there was an unobtainable/ disconnected tone when I dialled the number.

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