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SAT AND ACT PREP CENTER I / Misprepresentation

Coppell, TX, United States Review updated:
Got a call from this company and they told me that my daughter had expressed interest in their product at school through a questionnaire for PSAT & SAT preparation. I ordered their product thinking that it was something my daughter was interested in. I was charged $119.95 & never received anything. In addition, my daughter had no idea what I was talking about. Looks like big ripoff


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  3rd of Nov, 2008
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Sorry if you din't recieve the materials . Did you call and try to get this problem worked out and shipped.Sometimes the mistake is within the address. Did you try?I work for the sat and act prep center.I know that these materials get shipped out and we are not a scam.We get out materials to students that help them with there education. And it is a product that is guarenteed .."KAPLAN" materials.I work at a great company that is all about helping students achieve high Sat and ACT test scores, to better themselves and a company who takes care of there employees and actually cares about people.Seriously though, the student would have checked off an interest online or at a college career day.They didn't just pull it out of a hat.Give them a break.All they are trying to do is help your students succeed! Thank you for listening, Dawna
  22nd of Nov, 2008
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I have to wonder why every rebuttal post from this company is full of grammatical and spelling mistakes. Always the same regurgitated response.

I returned my unopened CD via usps with tracking number. Company received on 10/27/08. STILL WAITING FOR MY REFUND! Before you come back at me with some other regurgitated response, I have called your company, I have actually been very nice to them even though it is killing me to be nice, and have been told on every call that the credit will be on my account in two days. STILL WAITING...
  23rd of Nov, 2008
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The exact same thing happened to me! Phone call, fell for scam, gave credit card #, daughter said she didn't know anything about this, tried to call co to cancel, phone # did not work, web site got no response, sent un-opened package back via registered mail, still have no gotten my credit card credited. What do we do to get a refund? Left messages, wrote letters, company has never responded back to me. HELP.
  24th of Nov, 2008
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call your credit card, get the charge taken off. That is what I did. Credit card company gave me "temporary credit". I call every other day to get this stupid company to give me the credit. Every time they say we will put the credit through, should be posted in a day. I have been keeping my credit card company up to date with all my information. Credit should have gone through on 11/10/08, to date 11/24/08 I am still waiting.

Then to top it all off, the stupid company had the nerve to call my home again and try and sell me the cd, saying my daughter had signed up for it. Well, they got an earfull!!!
  2nd of Dec, 2008
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We had the same thing happen. Somehow this SAT ACT Prep is getting info about the kids that are signing up for these tests and running what I personally consider a scam. I have contacted Kaplan and had a very prompt and professional reply and it seems that they are aware of this situation. I cannot say the same for Topics Entertainment as they passed the buck to Kaplan. No reply yet from my phone call to SAT and ACT Prep in Coppell TX, and the number is just a generic answering machine with 'please leave a message for this extension'.

We did receive the Kaplan product we ordered at an exceptionally inflated price ($119.99 vs the $50 norrmal price) and with three to four weeks shipping time. It arrived just a week before our child took the test...and this gave me a red flag.

But shame on us, because at the same time we complained about the shipping time, we were scammed into buying an 'Online Scholarship Assistance Service' by a two 'employees' of SAT and ACT Prep whose names I will keep confidential until my legal proceeding are finished. Suffice it to say, we are not happy with how this has been handled by SAT and ACT Prep or Topics Entertainment to this date.

Stay tuned and if anyone want to contact me, the e-mail address is on the site now. Just reply to Wild Bill.
  2nd of Dec, 2008
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Unfortunately, I also just got duped into buying these cd roms.I rec'd phone call and the woman said she got my daughters name from guidance at school.. wanting to do the right thing for my daughter, {and get the discounted price the woman was offering--by buying immediately} I gave my credit card info--something I never do-unless I initiated the call in the first place. I didn't feel right after hanging up the phone-so I called the high school guidance counsellor--she told me that the school would not have given my daughters' name out. I went to kaplans' web site and saw the consumer alert posting about telephone solicitors using kaplan name and sending out their cd roms at inflated prices. I knew immediately that I've been DUPED! I called my credit card and they said they can't remove a purchase and I would have to dispute the charge after it is posted. She also told me not to accept any packages from ups and to document all dates of when and if i recieve and send them back.. i only wish I had checked this web site while I was on phone with the woman--I would have known it wasn't legit.
  3rd of Dec, 2008
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Just got a call from the same company and was trying to look up their background online while I was on the phone with Lakeesha (sp?). Found this site a little late for the phone call, but they got no CC info. I found it interesting that she stated she usually speaks to the mother and not the father. A little degrading there. Guess they feel mom is an easier target? But I told her I would check with my son before ordering anything. Also find it interesting that she mentioned collegeboard.com as their source for obtaining my son's name. I found nothing on collegeboard.com that references this company. So they will be getting no money from me. And to the company, if you were truly legit, your phone number from the call center you use would not come through as 'out of area'. Always suspicious of those...
  3rd of Dec, 2008
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A follow up. Spoke with an agent at this company today. Explained my dissatisfaction in a business like conversational tone. I advised the product was shipped late and that it was not what they promised. Tough luck, frined. It has been opened. I was also charged an extra $49.99 for Online Scholarship Assistance which we never used, were never informed of how to use (Oh, Sir, we include that in the mailer we ship the prodcut that took 3 weeks to ship).

I requested a refund on both and was advised that we would not receive a refund. I then advised I would protest the bill with my CC company and she then advised me that our conversation was ending. I advised her as she hung up my attorney would be calling them. (And maybe the BBB, and the Attorney General's Office).

Beware...the product we received is available for $9.99 on Amazon. I now wonder thow they gfot our sutdents name and our phone number?

What a scam!
Fed Up Parent
  15th of Dec, 2008
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The same thing happened to me. Received a call that my daughter was interested in the class based on what she submitted on the PSAT. Fortunately we did not purchase anything. The website they gave me is no longer valid. www.satandactprepcenter.com It must have been taken down. Thanks for the info that the same product is available at Amazon.
  11th of Feb, 2009
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Same exact story. I KNOW my son didn't check off anything that stated he wanted help and I told the guy, but on the off chance he did, I listened to the pitch. I forget the "deal" he offered me but when I told him I wanted to check this out on my own first, he said the deal was not going to be good after the call ends. OK, well, they have called me back 3 other times, even though I immediately tell them I've already refused the first guy. Today, the guy told me where he was calling from (SAT ACT prep), I hung up without any further conversation. I always feel bad for the other guy, but when I think of the techniques they use to make a sale, I'm over it. Now, my standard answer for any telemarketer is "I do not buy anything over the phone unless I initiate the call...period! Isn't that good?
  24th of Feb, 2009
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Sadly I fell for the same scam. I wish I checked this out before I gave them my credit card. I have returned the unopened package right a way with tracking. They told me to call back after returning it and now they will not answer the phone. They will not return any calls.
My question is, has any one ever been reimbursed for this scam?
  24th of Feb, 2009
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I see some names and responses but you should be careful. A lot of you opened the cd and downloaded it. There are laws and we have strict guidelines on our policy.

Also, if you return it and cross all your information on the box. It’s going to be hard to give you credit if we don’t know who you are. JUST FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES.

YES SOME OF YOU MIGHT RETURN THEM UNOPENED BUT FOLLOW THE GUSIDELINES. YOU DONT CALL then you do not get the RA # you people are ridiculous. No wonder we are in a recession s its is fraudulent consumers that abuse the system instead of taking accountability.
  2nd of Mar, 2009
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I have been dealing with the SAT and ACT Prep Center since November. Now they say theyhave refunded me all of my money, $109.00 for the program plus two charges for the online site of $49 each, which I cancelled when I sent the program back in November. After another two months when I still had no refund on my credit card they say they have refunded my money but it is being "held" by US Merchant Systems" and gave me that phone number to call. I left three messages there last week with no response and now that message comes right on and says if you are calling regarding SAT and ACT Prep you have to call the company directly. I called the company back again, by the way the phone number is 972-956-0933, and got the same line, the money is being held by US Merchant Systems, we don't have it so can't give it back etc. Now my credit card company is trying to handle it. I too had misgivings after giving my information out but I know my son is going to take these tests so thought he had "checked the box" regarding interest in the program. Of course, like the rest he didn't have any idea of what I was talking about. What a mistake.
  10th of Mar, 2009
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Returned unopened materials to SAT and ACT Prep Center in December 2008. USPS delivery confirmation says it was delivered. No credit back on credit card yet. Called SAT this morning, was told that the company that collects the money for them never paid them and they are in a legal dispute with that company. My options were
1-They can send me the materials again, or
2-They can have their lawyers send me information about the legal dispute, or
3-I can dispute it with my credit card company.
I opted for #3 and my credit card will be refunded within 10 days from my credit card company. I tried to argue with SAT that it's not my problem that YOUR partner is not paying you, it has nothing to do with me, but that were my only choices. Sounds to me that this company is an unreputable company to do business with and I would recommend that anyone thinking about buying their products beware.
As a side note, when I was called by the company with their sales pitch, I was led to believe that I could try the software and if I didn't like it, I could return it for a full refund. However, upon reading the literature that came with the disks, it was clear that if I opened the disks to try the program, I could not return them. Enough said, BUYER BEWARE!!!
  14th of Mar, 2009
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BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!!! IT'S A GIANT SCAM!!! Same thing happened to me! They called me Feb. 19th and I'm still waiting for a shipment or a refund. They claim the materials were shipped but can't provide me with proof of shipment. I have asked to cancel the order. I've called them 5 times so far and nothing! How can they be allowed to still operate? That company should be shut down!
  19th of Apr, 2009
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I too got the same call . My son was at school and I paid for it thinking that it was indeed something he wanted. (date 2/26/09) when son got home I ask him about it he knew nothing about it and was not interested in it but I decided to think about it for a day or 2. (on 3/2/09 it posted on my card) On (3/5/09) I called to cancel order she said she would try an stop order well she didn't even though the package did not ship till (3/16/09) I got it anyway called got rma# an shipped back to them, usps tracking shows they got it on the (3/27/09). I just now got a refund of (4/18/09)$109.00 for a $119.99 charge for a package that should NOT HAVE BEEN SENT! and I had to pay$5.70 to return it!...I for one will NEVER buy anything over the phone again! I just hope that will save someone the trouble I had ( 2 days to take my money 3 weeks to give most of it back not all )Why not all? after all they had 11 days to stop shipment!! thus no right to shipping! I guess I should Be glad it only cost me $16.69 to be taught NOT to BUY ON THE PHONE!
  20th of Apr, 2009
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Just got a call from them and even before I searched for them online and saw this, I was immediately suspicious since the call came on my work line and not the home line. I started to ask some basics questions and the next thing I know I am listening to a dial tone. I guess the guy figured that I was not gojng to buy without investigating and gave up before he even started.
  28th of Apr, 2009
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The same thing happened to me. This is a SCAM!
I have made 8 phone calls so far and have been totally disrespected and treated extremely unprofessionally. The lady actually said to someone else in their office "this lady won't give up, she keeps calling" I told her that I could hear her and she said that she was talking about someone else. She has hung up on me and when I called back she said we were disconnected. I ask to talk to the person who I originally talked to and she won't let me. I was given the name Mary Brannon at first then Amanda then Renee. I believe it's the same person every time. I am on hold right now for 15 minutes so far. I am so frustrated.
  7th of May, 2009
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The same thing happen to me. This company is a scam, beware of them and the other companies out that are making the same call. I so far have received 3 separate calls from different companies. The last person I talked to said that this company is a scam, they are sorry and good luck getting my money back. They billed my card back on 4/16, and still have not seen anything. Does anyone have a better contact phone # for them. I have called the one I was given 972-956-0933 and it just says they are very busy and please leave a message. Any suggestions would be very helpful.
  12th of May, 2009
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I too am in the same boat with everyone else. Like an idiot I agreed to receive it. The woman told me to have my daughter check it out and if she doesn't like it for what ever reason we could return it. When it arrived there was print on the back that said if you open it, you could not return it. WHAT?? Then how could she try it out? So needless to say I followed all the instructions to return it, shipped it back and awaited my refund. It is now 1 1/2 months later, I have called 3 times...the first person told me it would take 5-7 business days to get the refund. When it didnt come I called again and was told it takes 10-14 business days. Finally I just called again, insisted on speaking with a supervisor who told me to hole please while she figured out what was going on. I held for 40 mins!!! I finally called on my cell phone and explianed to the woman who answered that a supervisor was helping me and I have been on hold for 40 mins. She told me "oh no maam, our whole crew is on lunch" WHAT??? She put me on hold and went to lunch!?!?!? Are you kidding me? She told me to call back after lunch. I am so fed up, I dont know what to do next...

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