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Sarasota Ford / Sarasota ford will rob you blind if you take your car there

1 United States

Took my wife (fiancée at the time) to get her oil changed in her ford escort. She picked it up later that afternoon and I was going to check to see if they had replaced the air filter. Well they didn't, so I decided to check the oil to see if it was at level. Well it was dirty brown...they never changed it as well and charged her over $30 for doing jack. I took her and the car down there and complained...they told me they changed everything and so I popped the hood and said really...I've never seen a brand new air filter that was brown or new oil that was nearly black with ### floating in it. After realizing he had been busted he apologized and had everything done again. Later that week my wife had a rep calling her saying that they wanted to buy her car and would give her a better rate for a new car than what she was paying on her current one. She told the guy her car was paid off and he went off on her saying she was lying and that no one owns their car anymore. Once again I had to deal with these people saying not to call her again and harass her. Whoever I talked to apologized and offered to give her some sort of coupon. Sarasota ford will rob you blind if you take your car there...if your a woman make sure you or someone you trust checks the oil and filter to make sure they actually did the work you paid for. I've never had someone flat out lie to me when its obvious work wasn't done...don't buy your car/truck from them or send it there for service..Go to autoway ford.


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