Sarah Ann Ranch (Mountainside) Community, Surprise, ArizonaNeglect to Disclose Installation of High Voltage Power Lines

My wife and I purchased a home from D R Horton in May of 2012 in the Sarah Ann Ranch (Mountainside) Community in Surprise, Arizona. D R Horton did not completely and truthfully disclose to home buyers that APS (Arizona Public Service) was installing 130 foot 230 kilowatt power lines directly behind the green belt of our housing. APS will be removing 161 citrus trees and installing the huge power poles along Cactus Road beginning on January 18, 2015. D R Horton deliberately planted vegetation and completed landscaping in the community with the intent to deceive home buyers and distract them from the impending power line installation. Some home buyers paid extra money for their lots to enjoy the views of the south mountainside, and now these views will be obstructed by large power poles and lines. We were warned that our property values could decrease 20-30% because of the unattractive and unsafe presence of these power lines. Emissions from power lines of this caliber are known to cause a higher increase in diagnoses of childhood leukemia, dementia, and can also interfere with medical equipment such as pacemakers and insulin pumps. Our children are even expected to stand directly underneath these power lines while waiting for their Dysart School District buses! We hope APS, the City of Surprise and D R Horton will do the moral and honorable thing and either move these power lines south of Cactus Road, or shield and bury them underground in the proposed location in order to prevent any negative effects on the health and property values of all Sarah Ann Ranch homeowners.

Jan 04, 2015

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