Sanyo VPC-HD2000EBK Full 1920x1080 High Definition Dual Video Camcorder & 8MP Photo Camera - Black / Goods Not Recieved and Cancellation has not yet been approved

1 11918 SE Division St # 905, Portland, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (080) 823-8989 ext. 9

Crazy Cameras seem to be a total scam. Please read my experience with them below

I am going to India on Friday for three weeks. I have been saving up for a camcorder and finally found one I liked on the Crazy Camera website. The price was great and at the start the delivery seemed reasonable.

I the first week of placing the order, I started to get suspicious. I have found numerous bad reviews. They are not based in the UK they are based in Portland, USA...

I placed an order on the 26th Jan, after waiting 5-7 working days, i still never received and email letting me know the camera is on its way. I was then told that I would have to wait another 5-7 working days because of a technical problem in the shipping department...

This is what it says on there site:

Shipping Soon

* We are preparing these items for shipment and your order cannot be canceled or changed at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience caused* This has been like this since the 26th Jan 2010

They cannot guarantee exact delivery - I was told i would have to wait another 5-7 working days! why should this be when i have waited that long already and all for nothing. This would mean that if a new customer placed an order for that camera today, they would receive it at the same time or maybe earlier than me!!! surely, my order being so old now should take priority and i shouldn't have to wait anywhere near 5 days.

I called them and spoke to a lady named Cheryl on Friday 6th need Feb and asked to speak to the manager, who was in a meeting (what a surprise). I have been given the runner around since the day I ordered this camera. I am still waiting for a cancellation email and still not received one yet.

I think this company are scam artists and need to be closed down before anybody else deal with them. I am 360 pounds down now, i have no camera for my holiday and cant afford to purchase another until this money is back in my bank.

I suggested to them to telephone the shipping department and tell someone responsible there that my order is not to be dispatched and to cancel it - especially in view of the technical problems they are having. That's a very vague description and for all i know means they are not receiving emails and such like.

I will fight this company until heavens end and will let everybody out there no what cheating, scam artists they are.

I have also ask for the managers name and they are very reluctant to give me any details.

I done a little searching for there address on the net and it seems to me that there address is a PO address...

Thank you

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