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Santro / irresponsible behaviour

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The Manager


Sub:- Complaint against the dissatisfied services


I Vivek Joshi recently buyed a new car (santro GLS (S) Top Model) from sunrise Hyundai show room on 06-03-2008, REGN No. DL 7CJ 2006 Customer ID. C2008030174,

After five days on 11-03-2008 I went to the service center for the 1st service and I specifically inform the service incharge regarding the problems I was facing with the car (i.e there is the problem with the gear shifting specially with the 2nd & 3rd gear at that time) with in a few days I suffered from the same problem with fifth gear ( it automatically slipped) then I again went to the showroom and informed about the gear problem but they did’nt took it seriously, with in 10 min. they returned me the car by saying that everything is fine and now there is no such problem with the car.

On the next day I found the same problem with the 5th gear, as due to lack of time I was unable to go to the service center again so for few days I leave the car in my house.

As on 25-04-2008 I have to go to Haldwani (Uttrakhand) for some urgent work, so on the same day in the morning I went again to the service center and complain against the same problem, then the incharge with in a few min. returned me the car by saying the same statement as above and confirmed me that I can go out of station.

In the evening of 25-04-2008 I went to Haldwani but on the way I faced number of problems, now the problem was not only with the 5th gear but with all the gears, on the next day I call Mr.Manuj Lowe (Asst.Manager (Service) sunrise Hyundai, ) he provided me the no.of sachin Hyundai showroom Haldwani, as the day was Saturday the whole Haldwani was closed due to which I went on Sunday to the service center, after checking the car I was told that there no gear oil in the gear box due to which all the gears were broken, and I was also told by the mechanic that there is not any leakage problem with the gear box.

How come it’s possible that for the same problem I went to the showroom not once but thrice so, it can not be considered as a mistake because mistake can happen once not thrice it is just due to the irresponsible behaviour of the service incharge.

· Are your services only considered till the time of buying, what after that?

· Who is going to compensate for the time and trouble I faced from last one month?

· Two month are not yet completed and this is the response of the car & the service provider, is this the trust you have build in the car industry?

After all the irresponsibility and misbehaviour, they are not ready to change the gear box but only ready to repair.

But why? As this is the error from the side of the service center as will as showroom.

It also means that there is no gear oil in the gear box from the time of buying, otherwise how it’s possible that at the 1st service (i.e 11-03-2008 which is 5 days after date of buying) the car is continuously facing the problem with the gear so why I will take this car, as the error is on Hyundai part than why I should bear the trouble.

Now I not only want to change the gear box but I want a new car, It’s a request to replace it.

As I don’t have much time to spend as I am a private employee, already I and my work suffered a lot.

So it’s a humble request to take a quick action against it as soon as possible.

So that I can concentrate on my work freely.

If it will not considered fast than I am bound to take some legal action against the sunrise Hyundai, I am also compelled to go to the consumer court and media.

Thanking you,


Vivek Joshi

Mob.+91 [protected]


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