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I was threatened with being put in a wheelchair or being caused a hospital visit by a member of the Santo Daime movement in Portugal.

His name was Johannes Maasland and was arrested in November 2016 for cultivating cannabis. He thought I told the police about his cannabis, and turned up on my doorstep and made death threats to me in front of witnesses.

He was also involved in the importation of the Santo Daime / Ayahuasca sacrament from Brazil. The Santo Daime Church use some of its longer standing members to import the Daime into countries where its legality is questionable or has not yet been determined. Johannes was sanctioned to import the Santo Daime tea in pouches by the Santo Daime Church in the UK, one of the main members is a musician named Adrian Freedman.

He was arrested in 2010 on charges of importing Santo Daime into the UK. He was not charged in the end, but brought an end to the Eternal Heart Works in the UK and much Daime sacrament was confiscated.

It appears he then used Johannes as an importer in Portugal. The Santo Daime Church in the UK run retreats in Portugal under the name Eternal Heart and Adrian Freedman is the facilitator.

They are secret retreats where one must sign up to a newsletter, but in essence they involve drinking Ayahuasca (The Daime).

They have some ethics and discernment issues, as they use importers not ethically suited, or those who do not respect the sacrament, or those who threaten to hurt or kill people.

As a result, individuals of questionable integrity are able to import and administer Ayahuasca to others, something that necessitates much moral responsibility.

Once the movement starts using people who flout laws (14 kilos of cannabis and possession of LSD) to import the sacrament, they jeopardize their chances of legalizing their sacrament. Once those individuals get into trouble and then start threatening to hurt or kill people rather than to take responsibility, it reflects badly on the Santo Daime movement.

The end result is detriment and disrepute, and bad press in terms of freeing their sacrament from prohibitions. It does not help their cause when those who import the sacrament are involved in cultivation of cannabis on a large scale, for it shows that such importers do not respect other laws of the land.

They are aware that I was threatened with death and violence by one of its members, and as yet, have nothing to say.

Nor have they made any public comment in regard to some 50+ wordpress websites explaining the ethical concerns and why the Daime is not being respected, and how that lack of respect can be harmful to those who visit Ayahuasca or Santo Daime retreats.

Those arrested with the cannabis are currently awaiting trial, and face 4-12 years in prison.

Caution is advised with the movement.

Santo Daime Portugal / Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Portugal
Santo Daime Portugal / Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Portugal
Santo Daime Portugal / Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Portugal
Santo Daime Portugal / Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Portugal
Santo Daime Portugal / Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Portugal
Santo Daime Portugal / Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Portugal
Santo Daime Portugal / Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Portugal
Santo Daime Portugal / Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Portugal
Santo Daime Portugal / Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Portugal
Santo Daime Portugal / Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Portugal
Santo Daime Portugal / Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Portugal
Santo Daime Portugal / Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Portugal

May 13, 2017
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  • Da
      19th of May, 2018

    Nancy Swinnen as one of the Directors working for the Eternal Heart Centre - Santo Daime Churck UK in an unofficial capacity was forced to make disclosures of data by the Information Commissioner's Office that enforces subject access requests made by complainants.

    Principle 6 of the Data Protection Act was invoked given concerns around safety of police witnesses, as several aspects of the complaints about the Santo Daime Group referred to mockery of witnesses as well as threats of violence at their doorsteps by those representative of the Church.

    The Directors, including Clare Mulligan and Adrian Freedman, ignored the Subject Access Request. The ICO got involved and it is averrred they were forced to comply as they complied.

    They released 23 documents, many of which bore Nancy and Adrian's name and prove that there were Santo Daime Ceremonies in Portugal run under the table. They had to disclose the emails about the bookings. The disclosures quickly debunked the notion that the complainant was mentally deranged and imagined participation in such events, for the emails also included confirmations, requests for payment and schedule lists.

    The disclosures also proved a relationship between Nancy Swinnen, Adrian Freedman and Miguel Abreu, the disclosures also gave enough information to confirm that Miguel Abreu, organizer of the retreat, was involved in impersonating a private investigator, claiming to be abke to track emails and bank accounts.

    When several rare spelling mistakes were pointed out, pointing back to Miguel, the organizer of the Portugal retreats, the Directors had nothing to say. But there is digital evidence to confirm that their response, when made aware of his behaviour, was to continue to do business with him, in support, of his abuse toward witnesses in criminal trials.

    The disclosures that they were forced to make, clearly they had to, as they were incriminating, and included ample proof of inviting children and minors to participate in Ayahuasca ceremonies, making them kid friendly. The disclosures combined with other research showed beyond any shadow of a doubt, a causal line of karma linking Adrian Freedman, Clare Mulligan, Nancy Swinnen and Miguel Abreu with those arrested with 14 kilos of cannabis, and proved they were the founding fathers/mothers, and the providers of moral support to the behaviour of the making of death threats, and mockery, and it is strongly averrred they supplied Santo Daime in large amounts to JOHANNES MAASLAND, THE SANCTUARY 1860, CAMINHO LUZ KAMBO PORTUGAL as well as EARTH CONNECTION PORTUGAL.

    There is ample proof to show the Directors made no attempt to be sorry or to cease the supplying of the Santo Daime, but then weeks later the Centres supplied were destroyed by freak prophecized wildfires.

    The Data Disclosures in essence gave the complainant proof of the truth of the complaints, and admitted the connections and the ceremonies that everyone pretended did not happen, and instead many in the group were presumably incited to mock the Spiritual Mentor, labelling him evil, deranged, a liar and telling him to expect violence or even being murdered, a very serious error indeed for any spiritual group.

    Such a mistake has spoiled their Daime works and told the police in the UK, Portugal and the EU that they continue to import, distribute and operate, despite being told in the UK and Ireland not to do it again. The response of the Church to those who point out a better way is to mock and insult them, to vilify them, portray them as liars, evil, and the like, but this did not spare the Daime group in Portugal misfortune and loss as well as the end of their practice in Portugal. This is because the police now know such centres are places to raid for other substances.

    It is Honest Opinion that the Santo Daime Groups in the UK and Portugal have attitude issues toward ethical, moral, legal and police authority, and believe they can get away with mocking witnesses, or inciting / supporting violence, but unfortunately, with the advent of the internet, and the police and the discovery of prohibited substances, dispel such a myth and presents uncomfortable facts and truths for healing for the group.

    Society is progressive, in time, some things are tolerated, such as marijuana, but one has to ride the wave so to speak and show the authorities respect. If one just does what one wants anyway, and throws respect for law out the window, the police and the judiciary become the teachers, and in some cases, prison is also a teacher.

    They have become victim to what can only be described as their own collective karma and moral decay, compounded by irrresponsible use of the sacrament, with cannabis, combined with contempt for the laws of the land, Higher Wisdom, contempt for Spiritual Mentors, morality and ethical integrity, a recipe for the collapse of any organization, especially one founded upon well documented criminal values.

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  • Et
      14th of Aug, 2018

    The Eternal Heart Centre wishes to issue these public apologies to the complainant Free Spirit.

    The Eternal Heart Centre unreservedly apologizes and condemns the disturbing nature of the complaints including abuse, mockery and threats to kill. On no level do we condone or support such behaviour and we can confirm the behaviours are not ones we sanction.

    Dear Free Spirit,

    On behalf of the Santo Daime Church, I unreservedly and sincerely apologize for the distress caused to you and your partner because of the death threats made by someone in our movement connected with an ongoing police investigation, who was arrested with a large amount of cannabis and other illegal substances.

    We must now accept some moral responsibility for the matter, because Johannes Maasland was a member of our Church, who participated in our retreats often, and through us, was introduced to the Path of the Santo Daime.

    His behaviours are not ones we bless, condone or support.

    He has shown himself to be reckless, morally irresponsible and respect-less for the law of the land and he is clearly unsuited to the work.

    We have examined the death threats made which implies you could be killed before the police can do anything about it.

    Because these threats were made by one within our wider community we are deeply hurt and shocked by what has happened.

    We confirm our movement condemns such despicable behaviour, and we encourage people in our wider communities to respect the laws of the land and to respect life.

    Johannes behaviour brings shame and dishonour to us all, and reflects badly on us as a whole and we do not condone the illegal cultivation of cannabis.

    This matter has shown is the importance of ethical awareness and moral integrity in what we do, as you have pointed out, and we acknowledge over the years that there has been weaknesses in those areas, and now, strive to learn from this experience.

    We also acknowledge there are other lessons that this matter has presented to us, and we now know that we must take them seriously in all the work that we do, so that this never happens again.

    We have decided to make a priority, the development of ethical and moral awareness, in all who attend our gatherings, so that we can promote good and respectable behaviour, respect for law and respect for other people.

    We accept that these ethical, moral and spiritual lessons have been presented to us, at great cost, danger and risk to yourself and your partner – and that your role in our movement, has clearly been to reflect back big lessons at the risk of serious injury, or even death, a matter that is deeply troubling for us.

    I also unreservedly and sincerely apologize for the distress caused to you and your partner because of the other abuses posted online by him and ‘friends’ of The Sanctuary 1860. Some of those postings labelled you mentally ill as well as suggesting you should feel fear in your trousers, or be killed before the police can help.

    His postings were insulting, degrading, disgusting and not representative of how we expect any of our followers to behave in their daily lives. We must now accept some moral responsibility for the matter, because Johannes Maasland was a member of our Church, who participated in our retreats often, and through us, was introduced to the Path of the Santo Daime, and who indirectly, with the help of Daniela Markert (aka Daniela Mar), founded The Sanctuary 1860.

    The Sanctuary 1860 was founded by members of our Santo Daime Church, who have clearly lost their moral way in their quest to be number one in Portugal for Ayahuasca.

    This whole sorry tale has been a wake-up call for us in the importance of ethical practice as you say, and in the light of this we will endeavour to do all we can to bring more clarity and grounding to every aspect of our practice, both in and out of the workshops.

    We condemn all the abuses that you have witnessed at the hands of Johannes Maasland and The Sanctuary 1860 and encourage all those in our movement to take responsibility for their mistakes.

    We do not condone the illegal cultivation of cannabis in our movement.

    We are appalled by some of the behaviours that have occurred, and are deeply ashamed about what has happened and it reflects badly on all of us.

    We expect all who attend our gatherings to respect the laws of the land and to behave themselves responsibly in their lives and will remind our followers, in future events, to do so.

    In addition to the other apologies presented, I also want to wholeheartedly and unreservedly apologize for the insults you received from someone in the Cascais Santo Daime Church group.

    The individual who did not name themselves, but implied they were from the Cascais Church - labelled you a homosexual peodophile (which implies that you like gay sex with underage boys) and this insult was clearly done to offend

    Obviously, for someone in our movement to make such an offensive insult, without any justification other than from a place of pure hatred, is totally appalling, and I, as a Senior of the Santo Daime Church, am totally ashamed of this.

    In addition to the other apologies presented, I also want to wholeheartedly and unreservedly apologize for not taking the matters presented seriously before. Because of this we must accept we are responsible for our own detriment. When brothers and sisters of my Church mocked and insulted you, claiming you were a (censor), would be killed, was an arsonist, mentally deranged and a homosexual peodophile, I did not want to take ethical responsibility and condemn my associates and friends responsible.

    This was because I chose loyalty to those who lost their ethical way, rather than to the ethical authority of the (censor), expert in matters of metaphysics and astral matters.

    I now know I must take responsibility, to rescue my own integrity, brought into very serious question indeed. I jet-setted around the world instead of taking responsibility as a leader for my mistakes. I did not respect you or your wisdom and now we are all suffering for that mistake, because of our ethical shortcomings and our collective failings in being able to take responsibility for our mistakes, our hubris, our hatred and our unresolved issues.

    I did not want to be sorry before because of my ego, this was a mistake I must now correct.

    I now know there is more to being a Daime leader than being the ‘king of the castle’ from a space of ego-inflated self-importance, this was my downfall and I must learn from this. I provided large amounts of Santo Daime to those ill-suited to host works and then tried to evade responsibility and stood by whilst others in the group mocked and insulted you for fun.

    When someone in our group threatened to kill you before the police could help, I did not intervene then and condemn the behaviour outright that would have saved so much trouble for me and my aides.

    You warned me of fires and to stop the works, but I did not and the fires came.

    I was challenged because I was in my ego and thought I knew better, but I was wrong, and have been humbled by the lessons. We did not understand energy or how high level astral energies offended by those who made death threats can invoke serious trouble.

    We will no longer do workshops here, because of the seriousness of your prophecies that tend to come true, causing fire and death in the lives of our brothers and sisters, and in the local communities as well.

    Some of them mocked you, and they paid for the mistake with life-changing losses, as you foresaw. They stated they were Santo Daime people, so I must now condemn this abuse.

    I believed I could keep the donations you made in good faith, even though you were forced to move for your safety, threatened with murder by those who I gave the Daime to, even though they were ill-suited. I did not want to admit my mistake, but now I must to spare me and my family untold karmic troubles because of the karma of disrespecting (redacted) and their wellbeing.

    I was wrong to believe a (redacted) should make losses for our collective mistakes and for this I am so sorry and want to repent for this mistake. I assure you that we will learn from these matters and as a leader, I take full responsibility for all the abuse and mockery, it reflects bad on me and on the Daime family, I now know that I must foster better morals and standards in our groups.

    I also want to wholeheartedly and unreservedly apologize for the matter of a member of our associated group in Cascais.

    As well as mocking you as a peodophile, they also claimed to be tracking your emails and bank account. The fact that someone in our movement would pretend to be a private investigator and claim to be tracking your emails in such a blatently unprofessional and unregulated manner is troubling.

    It shows us that some in our movement are disrespectful, violate Data Protection laws and also claim to be able to track private bank accounts. This reflects badly on me because you wanted a refund for the events and I stood back and allowed my friends in the Daime to mock you like this and I did nothing because I wanted to keep your donations for myself.

    I did not act or intervene because I put my interests first, which was a mistake. I saw already the same organizer mocked you months before, but I used them anyway to host a music event, so I was stupid to do that and brought about my own troubles and a potential investigation by the Information Commissioners Office.

    I will comply fully with the Subject Access Request submitted and turn over all the relevant data that we hold about you as an organization.

    I confirm our movement does not condone illegal or unauthorized private investigations, or the abuse of personal data, or any other kind of mockery.

    I am totally ashamed of myself and everything that has happened in this matter.

    Thank you for being such a beacon of uncompromising integrity, hopefully others may learn from your example.

    However, sadly, and with all the best intentions in the world we cannot control the thoughts, words and actions of others. In the meantime, i take this experience as a lesson and a teaching and will do my best to take advantage of the opportunity to be a better person and a better group leader.

    I feel so sorry for the distress and disturbance you have suffered as a result of one person’s stupid, irresponsible behaviour, and the way it reflects badly on all of us. By the way, I look back on our long association and i appreciate your luminous presence in all the spiritual works we shared.

    Wishing peace, good health and love for you.

    Adrian Freedman
    Santo Daime Church

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  • In
      6th of Sep, 2018

    In June 2018 a Criminal Tribunal (Criminal Court) injuncted the owners of Earth Connection Portugal and The Sanctuary 1860 prohibiting them from making threats of violence, posting malicious abuse and defamatory statements against the witness to the proceedings.

    He was threatened with violence and murder, and subjected to malicious defamation, as a way of blaming him for the police raid that found many kilos of cannabis at the house of Earth Connection Portugal.

    They all mistakenly thought he was a police informant on the cannabis and then some proceeded to make threats to murder, others engaging in malicious defamation and witness harassment.

    The police got involved and filed complaints with the Prosecution and the Tribunal for witness harassment conducted by members of the Santo Daime Church headed by Adrian Freedman.

    The Tribunal made an Injunction against those responsible with permanent effect on the four named people below, process number of the Criminal Tribunal is 1544.18.3T9 GMR Tribunal Oliveira do Hospital, Portugal.

    The people that the Criminal Injunction refers to are Johannes Maasland, Alexandra Akat, Attila Akat and also Daniela Markert, sometimes known as Dani Mar or Daniela Mar.

    All four are brothers and sisters of The Santo Daime Church.

    The injuncted parties were involved in running Ayahuasca retreats in Portugal and advertising them online, their work was started with the assistance of Adrian Freedman of The Santo Daime Church

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