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Santo Daime Church Netherlands Holland / I was threatened with serious harm by a santo daime importer of dutch nationality

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I was threatened with serious harm by a Dutch national who was originally a member of the Santo Daime Church in the Netherlands / Holland.

He was importing Santo Daime into Portugal in concentrate form to avoid police and customs detection, from where is as yet undetermined.

That individual, was also arrested by the police in 2016 for cultivating 14 kilos of cannabis in Portugal. He accused someone of being a police informant and threatened to seriously harm him or send him to hospital.

He is not ethical or suited to import Santo Daime.

The Santo Daime Church in the Netherlands are aware of the matter and so far have not apologized for the behaviour of a Dutch national who presumably was introduced to the Santo Daime in Netherlands and was a member of their Church.

Fui ameaçado com sérios danos por um nacional holandês que originalmente era membro da Igreja Santo Daime na Holanda / Holanda.

Ele estava importando Santo Daime para Portugal em forma concentrada para evitar detecção policial e aduaneira, de onde ainda é indeterminado.

Esse indivíduo, também foi preso pela polícia em 2016 para cultivar 14 quilos de cannabis em Portugal. Ele acusou alguém de ser um informante da polícia e ameaçou gravemente prejudicá-lo ou enviá-lo para o hospital.

Ele não é ético ou adequado para importar Santo Daime.

A Igreja do Santo Daime nos Países Baixos está ciente do assunto e até agora não se desculpou pelo comportamento de um cidadão holandês que presumivelmente foi apresentado ao Santo Daime na Holanda e foi membro da Igreja.

Santo Daime Church Netherlands Holland
Santo Daime Church Netherlands Holland
Santo Daime Church Netherlands Holland

  • Updated by Anonymous86110, Aug 07, 2017

    Ik was bedreigd met ernstige schade door een nederlandse national die oorspronkelijk lid was van de Santo Daime Kerk in Nederland / Holland.

    Hij importeerde Santo Daime in Portugal in geconcentreerde vorm om politie- en douane-detectie te vermijden, waar nog niet bepaald is.

    Dat individu werd ook in 2016 door de politie gearresteerd om 14 kilo cannabis in Portugal te verbouwen. Hij beschuldigde iemand om een politie-informant te zijn en dreigde hem ernstig te schaden of hem naar het ziekenhuis te sturen.

    Hij is niet ethisch of geschikt om Santo Daime te importeren.

    De Santo Daime Kerk in Nederland is op de hoogte van de zaak en heeft tot dusverre zich niet verontschuldigd voor het gedrag van een nederlander die vermoedelijk in de Santo Daime in Nederland is ingevoerd en lid was van hun kerk.

Aug 7, 2017
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  • Ou
      14th of Aug, 2018
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    Céu da Santa Maria is a Santo Daime church in Amsterdam that Adrian Freedman and Nancy Swinnen are associated with. Adrian Freedman did not believe in 2017 when it was foretold the Santo Daime would be prohibited because of bad behaviour in his movement. His friends got involved in impersonating private investigators and implying the prophet was involved in arson and gay peodophile behaviour, an act of evil that spelled DOOM for their practice.

    He foretold the fall of the Santo Daime, he had visions of many gallons of Santo Daime leaking away, bursting out of containers, spilling into the mud and being lost. In another vision he saw many Santo Daime people trying to contain Santo Daime from a leaking container, it was gushing everywhere and they could not fill their glasses. These visions came again and again, then he saw visions of natural and astrally caused catastrophe, he saw firestorms, tornadoes, floods, mudslides and hurricanes destroying centres in the Ayahuasca scene.

    Friends of Adrian Freedman spouted hatred at the Guru and said he was a (censor) and (censor) and a (censor), others said he would be sent to hospital, put in a wheelchair or be murdered. That was from a representative of the SANTO DAIME CHURCH.

    They thought his foretellings came from mental derangement and evil, but then karmic wrath came to the Santo Daime in extreme ways, including the Santo Daime in Holland being cursed with the karma of prohibition, as foretold.

    Many centres were destroyed and all hell appeared to break loose, it was bad for the Santo Daime,

    From an Ayahuasca website, it was stated in 2016 that Céu da Santa Maria has the most full schedule of Daime rituals in the Netherland, more than once a week. Santa Maria is another word for cannabis.

    Adrian Freedman disobeyed not only the order of the Guru, but the orders of the founding father Mestre Irineu. He basically decided he was going to do the works his way, namely in contempt for the law and indeed good standards of behaviour.

    In January 2017, members of the Amsterdam-based Daime church Céu da Santa Maria filed a pre-emptive lawsuit seeking a court order preventing authorities from seizing their Daime after suffering from repeated seizures of their Daime by Dutch customs.

    Some of that substance was destined for Portugal and was imported by friends and associates of the Akats of The Sanctuary 1860, that is also why the death threats were made, they were afraid of prohibition.

    The Church were worried about the one falsely blamed as an informant mentioning Santo Daime, because he was a Church member. They used the threat of violence and death to make him be quiet. That is why the whole Santo Daime in Portugal insulted and threatened him, and (censor) him, saying he was a (censor) and a (censor) to try and make him be quiet because they thought he might blab.

    He made statements only after being threatened with murder by representatives of The Santo Daime Church on police bail for trafficking crimes, and threats to murder.

    He was not interested anyway about the affairs of the Santo Daime, and only got involved when he was falsely accussed of being a police snitch or an informant. He was operating from the safety of his family, which the Akats showed no regard for, and indeed, helped and sheltered those who made threats of MURDER.

    But he was not a snitch, the person got raided with the cannabis farm because he was afraid of being caught and complained about remote controlled police drones.

    The court ruled against the Santo Daime them on February 7, 2017, holding that the ban on Ayahuasca and seizure of Daime not unreasonable. The court argued that, in this case, it is not up to a civil court to preemptively exclude the presumption of guilt and limit the prerogatives of the Public Ministry to seize Ayahuasca, as enshrined in national criminal law.

    It was bad luck because when they filed the lawsuit in January 2017, members of the same Church falsely accused a Guru of being a police informant, so the karma went back to their homelands and resulted in criminalization of the Ayahuasca and Santo Daime in Netherlands.

    The Ceu da Santa Maria had to take down their website and countless ceremonies were cancelled. Ceremonies in Portugal were cancelled too as the Ministry of Justice were disturbed about the fact that Santo Daime people in Portugal advertise retreats and traffick in substances at their centres.

    It was partly because those involved claimed that they could threaten people with murder, or vilify police witnesses operating for the safety of their families, with impunity and contempt for law and moral behaviour.

    So their actions resulted in bad press for the Santo Daime in Portugal and elsewhere.

    The main decision from the Amsterdam Court of Appeal is that the import, possession, and use of Ayahuasca leads to an unacceptable danger to public health. This means that, from 28-2-2018, Santo Daime works in the Netherlands are illegal.

    The Court lent toward the side of public safety and implied public safety supersedes any freedom of religion.

    Thus the Santo Daime Church practice was criminalized in 2018 as foretold with extreme and unfortunate ramifications for Santo Daime throughout Europe.

    They did not believe the Ayahuasca could be made illegal but in 2017 it was foretold. The response from the Church in Portugal and in the UK was to mock the one that told them to tidy up their act in terms of respectable behaviour was to imply it was justified to threaten someone with murder for the Santo Daime.

    Others in the Church decided to say that the (censor) was a (censor) and a (censor), and was a homosexual (censor) and a (censor) and would be killed, finished off, (censor) and (censored). The one threatened with murder offered peace terms, as well as suggestions to spare their practice from prohibition, but was sneered at, (censored) at, called a (censor), a (censor) and a (censor)-bag as well as a (censor), a (censor) and a (censor) and told that he would be murdered, crippled or (censored) or labelled as a (censor) of (censor).

    The result, was that their practice was CRIMINALIZED in the Netherlands and the Sanctuary 1860 was permanently closed after the fire, Adrian Freedman had to close his events and stop.

    He was told to stop in 2017 but stuck his fingers up at the Guru by proxy, then the fires came.

    They are a victim to their karma.

    In what will probably go down as the biggest disaster in the Santo Daime since the inception of the movement in Brazil, the group in Portugal, including the Akat's and friends of Adrian Freedman decided to blame the Spiritual Guru for the police raid and proceeded to make threats to murder, with others lending support.

    The support for threats of violence against the Spiritual Guru was extensive and involved numerous retreat centres as well as importers of the Santo Daime. The group claimed he was a rapist, an arsonist, a child abuser, a spastic, evil, sick, twisted and the like.

    Between January and May 2017, many in the group rallied around to support the death threats and to turn on the Guru, claiming he would be killed, murdered before the police could help, crippled and sent to hospital.

    But the powers that be decided to put a stop to their Santo Daime works, because several thought that claiming to kill an expert in metaphysics was wise. They were told to stop but showed no interest, and were told that God might intervene, they just threatened to murder him and claimed he was a (censor), a (censor) a (censor) a (censor) and a (censor).

    God appeared to intervene because fires came to all the centres involved in the abuse, sparing none, save for those who were not of the Santo Daime. The firestorms killed 100 people, destroyed a toilet block, damaged or destroyed 6 known centres, wiping one off the map totally, laying waste to several others, putting a stop to the works. Those responsible who wanted fame for Ayahuasca, lost everything.

    The group claimed the Guru was evil and would be killed, but it did not stop the Acts of God that laid waste to their retreat centres.

    Others in the Church decided to say that the (censor) was a (censor) and a (censor), and was a homosexual (censor) and a (censor) and would be killed, finished off, (censor) and (censored). The one threatened with murder offered peace terms, as well as suggestions to spare their practice from prohibition, but was sneered at, (censored) at, called a (censor), a (censor) and a (censor)-bag as well as a (censor), a (censor) and a (censor) and told that he would be murdered, crippled or (censored) or labelled as a (censor) of (censor).

    Much of that stemmed from The Sanctuary 1860, their facilitators, including Attila and Alexandra Akat.

    They also had help from Andi Bock and Olly Perry from Caminho da Luz.

    They did not like his spiritual message to be ethically and morally responsible for one's life, decided to single him out for abuse and mockery, claiming he would be crippled, murdered, (censor), (censor) and looked like a (censor) and was a homosexual peodophile and a (censor) of (censor)

    Several recommendations were ignored in 2014, 15 and 17, that could have averted the disaster, but they were in their egos and thought they knew better and that making fun of the Spiritual Guru was wise, but now 100 people are dead as he foresaw, the police are investigating the Santo Daime throughout Portugal, families have been torn apart by karma, having lost everything and forced off the land by fires, now their works are CLOSED.

    The result also, was that their practice was CRIMINALIZED in the Netherlands and has brought misfortune for the Santo Daime.

    The one threatened with murder by representatives of the Santo Daime Church was always in favour of freedom of religion, when balanced with responsibility.

    But it was the latter they did not have, and so they lost their protection, otherwise their practice would have endured and the Eternal Heart Centre would not have come to an end, and the fires would not have come. They thought they did not have to follow the law and in 2011 when trying to import Ayahuasca for 600 people in the UK, customs seized the sacrament.

    Because Eternal Heart implies Eternal Love which in spiritual terms equates to God's Love, the foundation of all reality. One of the brothers in the Santo Daime was a vessel for God's Love, God gave him the gift of prophecy through the power and revelations he received in Santo Daime ceremony.

    That Daime brother foresaw all the troubles, the fires, the separations, the busts, the raids, and the collapse of the movement.

    All those who cursed him and spouted ill at him experienced separation and heartache in their relationships, because they hated God's love.

    Their hearts were filled with hatred and bad thoughts, they thought God's Love was evil and sick, so they invoked terrible suffering in their lives.

    Through the years he made recommendations that would avoid the prophecized troubles.

    In 2013 and 2014 the prophet told the Directors and Fiscales to prohibit cannabis in ceremonies, but they ignored the warning, and instead encouraged such use, explaining why people got raided in 2016 with cannabis farms. He made other recommendations but they were ignored.

    In 2016 and 2017 he foresaw many fires and made recommendations, but the group turned on the wiser brother and prophet amongst them, in essence, turning on God's Love, spitting at it, abusing and mocking it, claiming he was a (redacted), a (redacted), a (redacted), a (redacted), a (redacted) and a (redacted) amongst other obscenities.

    The prophet had drank 1, 000 times and was experienced in Santo Daime and was an instrument of love and healing for the human race.

    Several brothers and sisters tried to defame the prophet as a criminal, as an evil-doer, a (redacted), a (redacted), a (redacted), a (redacted) and a (redacted) and claimed he was making up prophecies of fire, but six centres were lost in 2017 as foreseen.

    The group wanted to be powerful in Portugal for Ayahuasca and decided that God's Love and Wisdom was inconvenient and had different agendas, they thought mocking God's Love would make them powerful for Ayahuasca and make them ascend like Jesus Christ.

    At each prophecy they mocked him, treated him like (redacted), posting online he was a (redacted), a (redacted), a (redacted), a (redacted), a (redacted) and a a (redacted) as well as a (redacted).

    Alexandra Akat did not want to hear any prophecies but all the ones the prophet made came true in sequence.

    They offended God's Love so they lost the protection and power of their practice, because they were not aligned with eternal love and light, as they sing in their songs. They became fallen as they forgot to heal their darkness and believed the prophet was the evil, the darkness, a (redacted), a (redacted), a (redacted) and a (redacted).

    It is debatable whether anyone will flounder in hell for eternity, as God's Love is also about forgiveness, but they sneered at the forgiveness and made further threats to finish off, murder and (censor).

    The family thought that they could be successful in Ayahuasca operations (and illegal cannabis cultivation) whilst mocking and abusing spiritual prophets for pleasure, for fun, and claiming to be able to murder or kill them, or send them to hospital.

    They also manifested a curse of prohibition for the Santo Daime, a lesson in healing their egos, humbled by circumstance, in the experience of loss and suffering, maybe then can find healing and atonement for hubris, for arrogance, hatred, evil, maliciousness and plain bad respect.

    The one threatened with murder by a representative of the Santo Daime Church was always in favour of freedom of religion and indeed freedom for the Santo Daime, when balanced with moral responsibility. He was an advocate for legalization of the responsible use of Ayahuasca and Santo Daime. but then they turned on him, did not heed the prophecies and manifested the karma of misfortune and prohibition that his prophecies were designed to avoid.

    They, the Santo Daime people in Portugal and representatives of the Church in the Netherlands, also made serious mistakes in conduct, in public, for the authorities, police and the Courts to see, including threatening to murder police witnesses, trafficking in illegal substances at publically advertised retreat centres, disrespect to society, malicious abuse, irresponsible behaviour, blaming others, dishonesty, hubris and a lack of integrity, and the debacle will no doubt bring very bad luck to the Santo Daime.

  • Et
      14th of Aug, 2018
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    Dear Free Spirit

    On behalf of the Santo Daime Church in the UK and Portugal, I unreservedly and sincerely apologize for the distress caused to you and your partner because of the death threats made by someone in our movement connected with an ongoing police investigation, who was arrested with a large amount of cannabis and other illegal substances.

    I also want to apologize for the collective abuse of our brothers and sisters who made mockery of you on the web, maliciously defaming your work for the human race as well as threatening harm or violence before the police can help.

    We must now accept some moral responsibility for the matter, because Johannes Maasland of Earth Connection Portugal, along with Daniela Markert, were members of our Church, who participated in our retreats often, and through us, was introduced to the Path of the Santo Daime.

    His behaviours and the behaviours of the families involved are not ones we bless, condone or support.

    He has shown himself to be reckless, morally irresponsible and respect-less for the law of the land and he is clearly unsuited to the work. We have examined the death threats made which implies you could be killed before the police can do anything about it. Because these threats were made by one within our wider community we are deeply hurt and shocked by what has happened.

    We confirm The Santo Daime movement condemns such despicable behaviour in the strongest possible terms and we encourage people in our wider communities to respect the laws of the land and to respect life.

    Johannes Maasland’s behaviour brings shame and dishonour to us all.

    It reflects badly on us as a whole and we do not condone the illegal cultivation of cannabis.

    This matter has shown is the importance of ethical awareness and moral integrity in what we do, as you have pointed out, and we acknowledge over the years that there has been weaknesses in those areas, and now, strive to learn from this experience. We also acknowledge there are other lessons that this matter has presented to us, and we now know that we must take them seriously in all the work that we do, so that this never happens again.

    We have decided to make a priority, the development of ethical and moral awareness, in all who attend our gatherings, so that we can promote good and respectable behaviour, respect for law and respect for other people.

    We accept that these ethical, moral and spiritual lessons have been presented to us, at great danger and risk to yourself and your partner – and that your role in our movement, has clearly been to reflect back big lessons at the risk of serious injury, or even death by violence, a matter that is deeply troubling for us.

    In addition to apologizing for death threats made by Johannes Maasland – on behalf of the Santo Daime Church in the UK and Portugal, I also unreservedly and sincerely apologize for the distress caused to you and your partner because of the other abuses posted online by him and ‘friends’ of The Sanctuary 1860 Ayahuasca Retreat Centre in Portugal founded by those from our Santo Daime Church.

    Some of those postings labelled you mentally ill, sick, evil, twisted, a criminal, an abuser, a loser as well as suggesting you should feel fear in your trousers, or be killed before the police can help.

    His postings were insulting, degrading, disgusting and not representative of how we expect any of our followers to behave in their daily lives. We condemn mockery in the strongest terms, by anyone in our Santo Daime movement and I implore our followers to take responsibility for their actions, decisions and mistakes.

    We do not advocate those who run public Ayahuasca retreats to flout cannabis cultivation laws in Portugal or elsewhere, and a heist of significant cannabis found at one of these centres by police is embarrassing for us all.

    These mistakes hurt our Free Santo Daime cause because we must show we are morally respectable as well as respecting of the laws of the countries where we do the Daime. We must now accept some moral responsibility for the matter, because Johannes Maasland was a member of our Church, who participated in our retreats often, and through us, was introduced to the Path of the Santo Daime, and who indirectly, with the help of Daniela Markert aka Daniela Mar, founded The Sanctuary 1860 along with Alexandra Akat and Attila Akat.

    The Sanctuary 1860 and Earth Connection Portugal were founded by members of our Santo Daime Church, who have clearly lost their moral way in their quest to be number one in Portugal for Ayahuasca. In the case of Johannes Maasland, he seems like an extremely unstable and maverick character, totally unsuited to this kind of work.

    His behaviours are not ones we bless, condone or support and we confirm that we no longer support his activities, or the activities of his family, or that of The Sanctuary 1860, in any way whatsoever, and their operations and activities are not blessed by the Santo Daime Church.

    We condemn all the abuses that you have witnessed at the hands of Johannes Maasland and The Sanctuary 1860 and encourage all those in our movement to take responsibility for their mistakes. We are appalled by some of the behaviours that have occurred and are deeply ashamed about what has happened and it reflects badly on all of us.

    We expect all who attend our gatherings to respect the laws of the land and to behave themselves responsibly in their lives and will remind our followers, in future events, to do so. The Santo Daime Church faces difficult times for legalization of our sacrament and practices, we often find ourselves in the Courts having to defend our practices and importation of the sacrament.

    We now know we must not import the sacrament in countries where it is prohibited and must re-evaluate our position in the light of Johannes arrest who was the leader of an Ayahuasca Santo Daime Centre in Portugal.

    At the highest levels of our movement, we will make a sea change in our approaches.

    I have taken very seriously the prophecies you have emailed me, about the further destruction of Ayahuasca Retreat Centres, and loss of life, and will take these prophecies very seriously, because you foresaw other Centres burning down, and then they did burn down.

    I also want to wholeheartedly and unreservedly apologize for the insults you received from someone in the Cascais Santo Daime Church group. The individual who did not name themselves, but implied they were from the Cascais Church - labelled you a homosexual peodophile (which implies that you like gay sex with underage boys) and this insult was clearly done to offend.

    Obviously, for someone in our movement to make such an offensive insult, without any justification other than from a place of pure hatred, is totally appalling, and I, as a Senior of the Santo Daime Church, am totally ashamed of this.

    As well as mocking you as a peodophile, they also claimed to be tracking your emails and bank account.

    The fact that someone in our movement would pretend to be a private investigator and claim to be tracking your emails in such a blatently unprofessional and unregulated manner is troubling.

    It shows us that some in our movement are disrespectful, violate Data Protection laws and also claim to be able to track private bank accounts. This reflects badly on me because I stood back and allowed my friends in the Daime to mock you like this and I did nothing because I wanted to keep your donations for myself.

    I did not act or intervene because I put my interests first, which was a mistake. I saw already the same organizer mocked you months before, but I used them anyway to host a music event, so I was stupid to do that and brought about my own troubles and a potential investigation by the Information Commissioners Office.

    I will comply fully with the Subject Access Request submitted and turn over all the relevant data that we hold about you as an organization. We will be transparent in any investigation by any data regulation authority and learn from these mistakes. I confirm our movement condemns illegal or unauthorized private investigations, or the abuse of personal data, or any other kind of collective mockery.

    I also want to wholeheartedly and unreservedly apologize for not taking the matters presented seriously before and intervening to condemn the abuse and mockery. Because of this we must accept we are responsible for our own detriment. When brothers and sisters of my Church mocked and insulted you, claiming you were a scumbag, would be killed, was an arsonist, mentally deranged and a homosexual peodophile, I did not want to take ethical responsibility and condemn my associates and friends responsible.

    This was because I chose loyalty to those who lost their ethical way, rather than to the ethical authority of the Spiritual Mentor, expert in matters of metaphysics and astral matters, who was threatened with violence by a maverick character in our own group and then subjected to degrading treatment and mockery.

    I now know I must take responsibility, to rescue my own integrity, brought into very serious question indeed. I jet-setted around the world on music tours instead of taking responsibility as a leader for my mistakes and for this I regret that decision to ignore the problem.

    I did not respect you or your wisdom and now we are all suffering for that mistake, because of our ethical shortcomings and our collective failings in being able to take responsibility for our mistakes, our hubris, our hatred and our unresolved issues. I have brought my family and closest aides into shame and dishonour, because of my ego, my hubris, and my unwillingness to respect your wisdom, and to say sorry.

    I did not want to be sorry before because of my ego, this was a mistake I must now correct.

    I now know there is more to being a Santo Daime leader than being the ‘king of the castle’ from a space of ego-inflated self-importance, this was my downfall and I must learn from this. I tried to evade responsibility and stood by whilst others in the group mocked and insulted you for fun.

    When someone in our group threatened to kill you before the police could help, I did not intervene there and then to condemn the behaviour outright that would have saved so much trouble for me and my aides, and most importantly, yourself and your family who were made to feel fear of death threats or acts of violence.

    You warned me of fires and to stop the works citing safety concerns and complex metaphysical matters, but I did not and the fires came. I was challenged because I was in my ego and thought I knew better, but I was wrong, and have been humbled by the lessons and the loss of several Ayahuasca Centres in Portugal to fire that were run by my Daime brothers and sisters.

    You foresaw the fires but we did not believe you have prophetic abilities and the fires came. We did not understand energy or how high level astral energies can invoke serious trouble.

    We will no longer do workshops here in Portugal, because of the seriousness of your prophecies that tend to come true. Several Centres were destroyed by fire and lives were lost as you foresaw in writing. We must improve matters with regard to fire safety in our gatherings in the light on the 2017 fires and to ensure all of our attendees are aware of the wildfire danger in the countryside in fire season.

    Some of my brothers and sisters in the Santo Daime mocked you in very degrading ways whilst on police bail for trafficking crimes that I completely condemn, and others whilst under police investigation for mockery of victims of abuse were clearly all Santo Daime because they said so on their personal websites advertising the Ayahuasca retreats in Portugal.

    They paid for their ethical, legal and moral mistakes with life-changing losses and the loss of their Ayahuasca retreat centres in Portugal, as you foresaw. They stated they were Santo Daime people, so I must now condemn this abuse to set a good example of how I expect the Santo Daime family in Portugal and elsewhere to behave so that our freedom for the Santo Daime is not compromised by reckless or irresponsible behaviour.

    I believed I could keep the donations you made in good faith, even though you were forced to move for your safety, threatened with death by those who I gave the Daime to and mocked by their families, even though they were ill-suited. I did not want to admit my mistake, but now I must to rescue my integrity and to become a better person.

    I was wrong to believe you should make losses and be forced out of your home by drunken representatives of our movement in trouble with the police and for this I am so sorry.

    I assure you that we will learn from these matters and as a leader, I take full responsibility for all the abuse, death threats and mockery emanating from our Daime family, from the family of Johannes Maasland and Daniela Markert, it reflects bad on me and on the Daime family. I now know that I must foster better morals and ethical standards in our groups. I confirm I do not support their activities in any way and condemn all that has happened in terms of offending you, your work, your wellbeing and your energy.

    This whole sorry tale has been a wake-up call for us in the importance of ethical practice as you say, and in the light of this we will endeavour to do all we can to bring more clarity and grounding to every aspect of our practice, both in and out of the workshops. Thank you for being such a beacon of uncompromising integrity, hopefully others may learn from your example.

    I am totally ashamed of myself and everything that has happened in this matter. The actions of a few have spoiled it for us all and brought the Santo Daime into disrepute. We hope that our apology and appropriate amends shows that we are sincerely regretful that you had to experience this behaviour by one of our wider community.

    We are grateful for the light and wisdom you have brought to our gatherings, and we hope that this apology will demonstrate goodwill and respect to you and your work. We wish you well in your endeavours and your work for the human race and again, I am very sorry you went through this because of my failings in leadership and because of the behaviour of others.

    I ask for your forgiveness and understanding in this matter.

    Adrian Freedman
    The Santo Daime Church

  • In
      6th of Sep, 2018
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    In June 2018 a Criminal Tribunal (Criminal Court) injuncted the owners of Earth Connection Portugal and The Sanctuary 1860 prohibiting them from making threats of violence, posting malicious abuse and defamatory statements against the witness to the proceedings.

    He was threatened with violence and murder, and subjected to malicious defamation, as a way of blaming him for the police raid that found many kilos of cannabis at the house of Earth Connection Portugal.

    They all mistakenly thought he was a police informant on the cannabis and then some proceeded to make threats to murder, others engaging in malicious defamation and witness harassment.

    The police got involved and filed complaints with the Prosecution and the Tribunal for witness harassment conducted by members of the Santo Daime Church headed by Adrian Freedman.

    The Tribunal made an Injunction against those responsible with permanent effect on the four named people below, process number of the Criminal Tribunal is 1544.18.3T9 GMR Tribunal Oliveira do Hospital, Portugal.

    The people that the Criminal Injunction refers to are Johannes Maasland, Alexandra Akat, Attila Akat and also Daniela Markert, sometimes known as Dani Mar or Daniela Mar.

    All four are brothers and sisters of The Santo Daime Church.

    The injuncted parties were involved in running Ayahuasca retreats in Portugal and advertising them online, their work was started with the assistance of Adrian Freedman of The Santo Daime Church

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