Santandertaccepting rotten loansfrom others

santander this is my first experience with you all. but i am hearing so many bad things already and i know everyone is not lying. what i don't like is the fact that you accepted my account from citifinancial and you don't need to be getting your self involved with this company unless you are already doing dirt. i have a recorded message with fess when we first did this contract and until they can honor fess and my recorded contract i will not pay another dime. listen i don't let others dictate my life or who i should pay, i know for sure that i will pay my tithes and buy me some groceries and God will continue to bless me.. and the wicked money hungry people will be cut down you banks need to be audited, someone need to look at the rediculous payment you charge people. most banks charge you lile youn are buying a benz or jag. this is rediculous.My Father will repay all of you.


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