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Santander, Inc. / Drive Financial Services / Harassment, Retaliation and Auto Repossession

1 Chicago, IL, United States Review updated:

I have a car purchased through Drive Financial Services. When I initially purchased the vehicle, my financial situation was very different. I have been severely hampered by the downturn in the economy and have fallen behind in my payments. Normally, I am a mid-level manager in production, but have had to obtain work in other ways to survive. They say they gave me deferments, but have constantly harassed me and my family daily and added money to the end of the loan. I actually owe more now than I did at the beginning of the loan purchase agreement.

After the holidays, as things started to stabilize somewhat and I had begun to make partial payments, I had a personal problem with a lady that had be-friended me and given personal contact information of hers so, we could converse personally and privately, but she turned on me after a person, believed to be a repo agent, posing as a police officer, appeared at my sister's home and demanded to know my where-a-bouts. This person panicked my sister's family by stating that I was involved in a hit and run accident and someone had died. This was not true so, I reported the incident to the Illinois Atty General's office who investigated it. As part of their investigation they contacted Drive Financial and my friend (Ms. Stewart) became very upset that she would get in trouble as a result of helping me so, her and the other managers their shifted around responsibilities and told her not to contact me anymore and not to assist me in staying on a payment plan that could catch me up. Also at this time, they set in to motion a plan to take my car and ask for a payment of $3500.00 that they knew would be outside of my immediate ability to payment after they repossessed the car. Honestly, I believe this change of direction was retaliation due to my reporting the above to the State of Illinois. I talked to Tara who did not inform me that even as I was making partial payment their plan was to take the car that night. They took the car at 11:18 P.M. on Wednesday night, leaving me with no reliable way to get to and from work. I have since tried to pay $1000.00 payment (received from one of my customers) and they are refusing to return the car or communicate with me.

I was clearly on the way back and had told them as such when they took my car and they did it anyway. Ms. Stewart, Mr. Meros, a gentleman named Robert are all involved in attempting to barr me from getting my car back at all. Check and you will see I made and they accepted payments up to and just prior to your personnel took the car and made a promise to Tara Stewart to make even more and she made it seem as though everything would be okay as long as I followed through as promised. This was unethical, wrong, and mean-spirited. I am a former U.S. Marine and a Christian man and deserve a chance now that I am making head-way in my new field of work. They won't answer me when I call nor provide needed information to slow the auction of my vehicle (I was told March 7, 2009 is the final date for me to payment this sum).

How can I owe more now than I did when I purchased the vehicle? What happened to the payment made? Why is it every time I call, they give me different and misleading information to slow me down and confuse my efforts.

I want you to represent me in an attempt to slow or stop them from permenantly taking my car. I am prepared to make a retainer payment of $1, 000.00 (500.00 on 2/27/09 or sooner and 500.00 more the following week). Please don't let them just take my car like this!


Michael D. Walker

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  • Di
      29th of Oct, 2010
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    You lied to me, , , , you lied to me...I owe nothing.. I already negotiated a lump sum fee on both cars. David Rio's accepted them, since I paid both cars off with cash after more than 6 years. Plus, the reason I was late, was because my wife has been unemployed for more the 2 1/2 years! Mr David Rio's was the person i finalized the deal with. He accepted and gave me a phone number if any problems came up. His number is 817-605-5130
    On my 2005 Corolla, he cut the fees (325.05 was paid) in half so he offered $700.00 to pay off my car...I accepted. Then we also paid off my wife's 2004 Solara Toyota. He waived all the fees of 192.00. and accepted $2286.39. (Your company has arbitrarily gone back on it's word! We gave you company all the money we had in good faith, to pay off both vehicles. Now, you are saying I owe more?. I don't!!!I Can't pay anymore and the deal was already made. You will have to waive all of these other silly and made up fees... The deal is done and we are about to lose our house...We have paid on two cars financed by you for over 66 months. YOU AGREED! IT IS ALL PAID OVER CASH, AS OF LAST WEEK... Please adjust your records accordingly.
    Thank you
    David Todora

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