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Forgery & Fraud

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In March 2010, I received a notice from United Auto Credit Corp that my car loan would be moved to Santander Consumer. Ive always paid on time (mostly ahead of time) with a money order, and Ive never been late nor missed a payment. I have about 18 months of payments left. The last week of July 2010 I started receiving calls from Santander, but they never left a message. I called them back and they asked when should they expect their 7/10 car payment. I informed them that I bought and sent a money order on 7/18/10 so they should have it by now. They denied they ever got it, so I contacted the company that my m.o. was issued from, and they informed me that the m.o. was cashed on 8/10/10. They couldnt immediately tell me who cashed it, so I called Santander back and told them the m.o. was cashed. In the meantime, Im getting approx. 4-5 calls a day from these people, which I promptly ignore. I refuse to be stressed out by aggressive debt collection calls ever again, so they can call until the cows come home. Anyway, I called the m.o. company again and they told me to send in $15 to trace the m.o. About 5 days later, I received a copy of the m.o. - it had been altered so bad that my 8 y ear old grandson could have done a better job. My m.o. number was cut from the original, pasted onto a Mexican m.o., and cashed somewhere in Mexico. (And as a sidenote, shame on Continental Express Money Order Co. for accepting such an obvious forged note - I may just include them in my lawsuit.) It was an obvious inside job, as indicated by all of these Santander complaints. These people are crooks and thieves, and I would rather them come get this car and I fight them in court before I pay them another dime. Im also going to file federal charges because of this international scam and Im contacting the Texas Attorney General. Santander should not be allowed to conduct business - they prey on people with compromised credit and steal even more money from us. If anyone has a complaint with Santander, you should not hesitate to contact the Texas Attorney General. They will continue to prey on us unless we all do something about it. Posting a complaint on a board will not stop it!!
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A  6th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
OMG dealing with citi finacial was bad enough and these people sound worse!!
N  9th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
Shysters in Tx - youre crazy. They didnt do anything here. You sent in a money order, they didnt receive it, someone else took it and forged it and youve decided its Santanders fault? Wheres your proof? I love the "preys on people with compromised credit" line. Did someone put a gun to your head, take you to a dealership, pick out a car, and make you sign a contract to finance with then? No. Heres how it really happened. You dont pay your bills and no one will finance you except them. They charge higher interest because youre RISKY. Then when the bill comes due you decide not to pay it because you all of a sudden dont like the interest your paying...and how it's not "fair". Funny how it wasnt an issue back at the dealership huh. They call you to collect and all of a sudden its their fault because "they wouldn't work with me". Good luck on your lawsuit pal. Im sure it will be as open and shut as your credit report. Heres an idea...how about all of us with legit beefs with santander and their crappy customer service sue you for wasting our time with garbage like your "complaint". People blame big banks for the sad state of our economy...and they played a big part. But it takes two to tango, and we can also thank deadbeat dirtbags like you that bought a ton of stuff on credit that you couldnt afford and when it came time to pay up you ran and blamed the banks for taking advantage of you and blaming everyone else but yourself. Sadly, if these same banks that "took advantage of you" and granted you credit had denied it instead youd be screaming about how you were discriminated against and how "the little guy" can't get ahead. Guess what? I'm the little guy. I work my @ss off every day, make just enough to live and (actually) pay my bills. Just knowing the bite that Uncle Sam takes out of my paycheck probably ends up helping to bail out the mess deadbeats like you caused is infuriating. You make me sick. I hope you never get a line of credit again. Oh and by the way I'm sure your "lawsuit" will be a sure success.
D  9th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
Wow, Im SO happy you got that off your chest. Let me guess - youre one of those people that surf these complaints boards and you just HAVE to reply to make your miserable life feel better, right? Youre the LITTLE GUY? Of course you are! Youre little, small, and pathetic. I dont give a damn what you think about whats going on with my credit or my life, but if you cant contribute something worthwhile on these sites, do us all a favor and shut the f*ck up.

Oh, and by the way - the guy who cashed my money order did work for Santander, found out by the investigation initiated by the Texas Attorney General, so THANKS for your kind words, you a@swipe! Dueces!
A  6th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
i cancelled a standing order with santander on 18th october 2010. santanders computers or staff failed to cancel it and it went out again on 4th november 2010. after much phone calls and BS, on 1st feb 2011, santanders final word is 'you have to get it off the people we paid it to'. the people it was paid to will not return it. santander are shysters and i am going to firebomb their shysty little shyster lairs until it kills me.
N  6th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
Well, I wish you luck! I had to fax the corporate office MANY times to resolve my problem. With the help of the Texas Attorney General, they finally adjusted my account and took off all my late fees. So be a pain in their ### and maybe you'll be successful too! Take care!

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