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The person that wrote this has filled it full of lies and dis-information.
1. We d DO NOT have exclusive use of Brommer Street facilities. We have it reserved twice a week on Monday mornings from 9:00 AM to Noon and again on Fridays same times.

2. We are NOT requesting to remove the tennis COURTS at Brommer, only ONE tennis courts will be removed and the basketball courts will remain.

3. There are number of website that you can google finding all the PUBLIC tennis courts that are available.

4. We have NEVER received an email or any communications regarding in accurate tennis court numbers. We WELCOME communications to resolve this issue. However, the person listing this does not want to communicate.

5. Currently Santa Cruz Pickleball shares all the tennis facilities with painted lines.

6.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Santa Cruz, CAPlease list how we have been "not honest or straightforward" the general community. Again I welcome a discussion if you did not hide.
7. The Wordpress website is another made up site with mis-information from someone again who hides and refuses to come forward like a human being and discuss.
8. There are a total of 22 PAINTED courts in the county of Santa Cruz. NO PERMANENT courts.
9. We are suggestion to take away ONE tennis court at Brommer allowing people to play pickleball with havng to purchase nets, cost of $160, and go play just like tennis players play today.
Bottom line is this complaint and the Wordpress website was written by a person will low mentality and apparently is not man enough to come out of the shadows and discuss the topic. Thankfully most tennis players do not think this was and we have had very healthy discussion with them. If this person wishes to FINALLY come out of the woodwork and discuss, please contact me at [protected]@comcast/net.
Bottom line is this person is not a typical

May 17, 2017

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