Santa Barbara Bank Product Grouplying about information about my refund check

Hey, I am very hurt and upset
I filed through turbo tax and I wanted to pay my fees out of my check and Santa Barbra product bank was who turbo tax sent my money to in order to pay them . I didn't know why they wouldnt just deduct and put it on my card . They been having me on the Run around for a most 4 weeks ... My money been with them since the 4th Jan. 2015
They gave me so many excuses of what to do and my information was incorrect and all that crap . I called every day and was promise within 1-2 business days that my money was gone be on my card and to check at midnight . I did that for a week straight and nothing was on there .so I called back again and was put on hold like always and lies and more is was Told to me . I had my surgery and paid all my money out to people that help me pay for it ... I talked to Anna and she said that someone supposedly called after me to change something so I got to send in more info . I faxed them 4 times of the same info .. SSC ... Id ... Bank statements ... Then days later after my money was supposed to hit my account nothing was on there . so then they got rude and snapping and talking g craz. Saying that if i take this to court the judge want do none but throw it out . They ask me to send in my Bill .. Like who ask for Bills .(gas or lights ) that's to much confidential info . So after that ... I went to the IRS building in Fairview heights Illinois and they told me to tell them to send the check back so I did that and I was told by Anna that it takes 1-12 business day to get to the IRS ... Then I calls bk and someone else tel me that the normal wait is 4-10 weeks . Lies again. Lies is lies . Then he stated that he is taking an eaddiyinal 20 some dollars on top of 20 dollars they took for a return fee . He said that he gone send it back but the IRS might reject it because it want be the full amount that I was refunded and then my money still will take longer . moral of the story ... After reading all these stories I feel like $5, 375 is to much money to waste or walk out on so I will take further actions . no matter what I have to do .. I am so sad because I trusted turbo tax with my service and they has no answers to this. IM CONTACTING BETTER BUSINESS BEUREA AND THE NEWS. .. I WILL LET THE WORLD KNOW HOW WE ALL CAN STOP THIS IF WE FIGHT BACK . I need my money in full PRICE IT WAS REFUNDED $5, 375

Feb 16, 2015

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