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Sansei Seafood Restaurant / Terrible customer service

1 1881 S Kihei Rd Ste KT116Kihei, HI, United States
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I went with a group of friends to Sansei late night sushi & karaoke in Kihei, HI. A friend & I decided to sing a song together. People started yelling that they could not hear me so we quit singing, and tried to figure out the problem. I said "wtf?" - not loud or anything, I was just trying to figure out the problem. Right as I said the last word, my friend clicked my mic on. It was obviously an accident, but the karaoke guy kicked us off stage anyway. A lot of the patrons booed the karaoke guy. My friend and I were upset, so we walked out. I came back to the restaurant in less than 10 minutes to pay my tab and asked to speak with a manager to voice my complaint. We were in the middle of the restaurant and a lot of customers so I asked to go somewhere more private. The manager was angry and was not interested in listening to me, he ended up storming off. I then went to the podium to ask for another manager's or the owners contact information, because at this point I was also upset with the manager's behavior. The male manager returned and refused to give me any contact information.

Then they brought out our table's tab, minus what one party had already paid. I gave them cash for what I had paid plus $4 extra, even though a gratituity of 18% had already been added. I intended to leave after paying my part but then they started insisting that I pay for the rest of the tab, because the friend I had left with had not returned. I said no. For one, I had terrible service, and two, I had hardly any money left in my account. Another manager came out. They were threatening to call the police on me if I didn't pay the rest of the tab, which was around $40. I said I couldn't pay it, I had paid my part, plus extra for tip. At this point I was getting very upset and frustrated. The woman manager grabbed my arms and was talking really close to my face about how I needed to pay the rest of the tab. I told her to not touch me. I offered to come in the next day and pay the remaining portion of the tab, but they would not allow this. I offered to leave my driver's license as collateral, but the male manager said it was too easy to just get another one. All over $40!!!

There were still 2 of my friends at our table and one of them came over and paid an additional $20. He could not pay more, because he didn't get paid until the next day either. They still would not let me leave and were threatening to call the police.

I later found out that some of my other friends at the table had also paid an additional $20. This should have covered the tab, right?

I do not understand why I was treated this way. They claim I was being aggressive, but this is not true. I was frustrated and even crying at one point. I also have an anxiety disorder and suffered from a panic attack. I paid my part of the tab, and all I wanted to do was have my experience with the karaoke guy acknowledged. Whatever happened to customer service? Some establishments simply do not seem to care anymore.


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