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Sand's Motel / Horrible, HORRIBLE Motel

1 Ottawa, IL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 815-434-6440

Recently, my family and I were displaced from our home, and had no choice but to stay in this motel, as they were the cheapest around. I know I know. You get what you pay for. But the last time I checked, motels were supposed to provide you with a clean, safe environment.

Upon arriving to the main office, I saw a sign posted on the wall. It said "NO REFUNDS AFTER FIVE (5) MINUTES IN THE ROOM". Ok. I knew this couldn't be good, but again, I had no choice. So I paid the $599 for two weeks, and got the key to the room. Upon entering the room, it smelled like death. Literally. I grabbed the blankets that were on the bed and removed them because they were ripped to shreds and we had our own comforter. So we do a full inspection of the room. The bathroom was clean to an extent, but the bathtub had black mold growing on the inside. I had a rubber bath mat, so I immediately cleaned the tub with bleach and then laid the bath mat down.

We have been occupants of this motel for well over a month now, to no avail. The maids have only brought us clean linens (towels/sheets) twice and emptied our garbage once. We do it all. I cleaned that room when we got there and it looked better than what the maids had previously done.

We have paid the owners of this place $1000 a month to stay there (due to being unable to find someone to rent to us) for nothing. Once we do find a place, I plan on turning the owner into the city and state, and also the BBB for unfair practices.

My main complaint today is that this morning, my husband went down to ask the owner if today was the day we paid more, or tomorrow was, because I couldn't remember. The owner said tomorrow. So we were good for the night. (I never give the jerk money before I have to. He irritates me too much)

At 4pm today, he shows up at our door, knocking like a wildman and screaming that if he doesn't get his money now, he's locking us out and will refuse to give us our belongings. My husband didn't have any cash on him, and we've written checks out before, so my husband said, I'll write you a check right now. The guy said no. You have til tomorrow at 11am (check out time) to come up with the cash or I'll call the police on you. So when I get there tonight from work, I'm finding my reciept and I''m going to throw it in his face that we were paid up til today.

This guy is a jerk and needs to go back to his own country.

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