Sandra Olivo's Custom PaintingPaint services for a commercial building interior and machines

Summary: Spent over 8K w/her. Did not complete job. Constant pressure for cash advances. Always raised prices midway through job. Disappeared w/the final advanced payment w/out having completed job. Never returned multiple attempts to contact her.

My initial impression of Sandra was that she was a great salesperson. I liked her immediately as she had a firm handshake, mentioned she worked with her husband, and was a mother to two teenage children; a son and daughter. All of these circumstances compelled me to want to hire her. She provided me with an initial quote for the first part of my painting job and while it did seem high, I did not attempt to negotiate price in consideration of her being the breadwinner for her family. I immediately gave her a $2300 cash deposit, which was 75% of the quote for only the first leg of job. Within days of having given her the deposit, and with out having completed the job, she was asking for more money. Compelled by her circumstances, I always gave it to her, and hired her to do more numerous and additional paint projects. I would always advance 50% of the money, and again within days she would request more and upped the price stating that standard aspects of the jobs weren't included in the job.
I spent over $8000 with her, and never once did I question her. I just trusted her despite her constant pressure to advance her money. When I mistakenly made the final payment, so that she could finally complete the job, she was never to be seen or heard from again. She never re-hung the doors, or finished the trim work and baseboards. I will now have to pay over $1000 to complete the job, as well as find the matching paint, as she never provided me with the paint information. We emailed, text and called her numerous times, to at least provide us with the paint information, however she never returned any of our calls, texts,

Jan 18, 2017

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