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Sandal wood mobilehome park scam / condition on sale and high rent

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The injustice in California Mobilehome Residency Law 2009

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The higher the space rent the lower the value of the mobilehome. As the cost of space rent rise to $1100 per month, the mobile home cannot be resold. Over $1500 per month mobilehome owners will abandon their home and the park owner will acquire the house. Then the park owners can and will sell the mobilehome to a new owner with new lower rent of $700. Then the circle of unfair and unethical practice is repeated, this happens forever.

Park owners increase the rent on each sale/transfer up to 10%. It causes the rent to rise up to 259% for the 10th resale. In addition to increasing rent on the sale of the mobile home, the park owners increase rent annually by 5%. This annual increase is more benefit than lending a mortgage loan at 5%, 30 years fixed. Still, park owners do not lend a penny for this similar mortgage. And it is 30 years because the mobilehome owners will abandon their home sooner or later. To understand this evil scam, compare to the minimum payment by government or your salary increase based on inflation, or the price of the house increase in the market.

By restricting sublease, the California Mobilehome Resident Law kills the property right of the homeowners. This allows for the park owners to steal the value and in other words to rob mobile homes from innocent people. The law makers mistakenly treat the mobilehome owners as tenants who have no property, basically the same as if they were renting a apartment.

To run away from any potential punishment for this evil scam, park owners sell their park and this requires evictions to all of the mobilehome tenants, disregard the Detrimental Reliance/Estoppel doctrine.

It is the injustice that American cannot tolerate.


Mobilehome cannot be resold four times because of the increased rent on sale


Dear Legislators, Attorneys, FBI, FTC, and the Press,

Most of Mobilehome Park Lease Agreements contain the section: “Upon any sale/transfer of the Mobilehome or assignment of the Homesite, after the beginning date of the term of this Agreement, the then-currrent rent for the Homesite may be immediately increased to the highest rent then charged for any single Homesite in the Community or by up to 10%, whichever is higher.”

It definitely is a scam as a condition of approval for residency. Consequently, a Mobilehome cannot be resold 4 times, because the rent of space will be higher than the rent of an apartment/house. At 10th re-sale the rent will be increased up to 259% based on the formula: rent *1.1 or rent * (1 + 10%). In fact, the Park Owners steal the value of the mobilehome and commit unjust enrichment. Park Owners do nothing, lose nothing, exchange nothing, service nothing but gain 10% unjustly for every month, year by year, increasing forever.

I believe that all of the Park Owners around the nation employ this unfair practice without regard to the U.S., States, and Local Government Law. Also It may be the case that the Park Owners act as the con artists to lure people. You can see and understand the scam as well as its serious consequences on a real case at:

This is of State Wide significance, please investigate this matter and you will recognize this unfair practice. Change is needed to enforce the US Law, and to initiate action against these con artists on behalf of all US Citizens and consumer’s interests.


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  • Li
      9th of Aug, 2009
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    Park owners have no right to increase 10%, 5%.

    To understand, you should know what make a contract valid or invalid.

    The elements of a contract:
    1.) Offer-a promise to do something
    2.) Acceptance-notification of acceptance or performing the act requested
    3.) Consideration-the exchange of something of value that each side must give

    Park owners cannot do nothing/service nothing/ exchange nothing/lose nothing for 10% and 5% gain increase. There is no human law on the earth can accept this one side gain, one side lose. No city, state, nation on the earth can tolerate such one side contract.
    Still, the Land owners can adjust the rent based on inflation/deflation. That means the rent may be decrease or increase. It should not only increase forever as in current 2009 CA Mobilehome Residency Law (pdf)

  • Bu
      9th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    You don't have to do anything. You do not have to hire a lawyer. You do not have to investigate the problem. It is the duty of the Legislators and State. What should you do? Ask Legislators, General Attorneys and State to do their jobs by sending them your messages. And notice the Press.

    Your local city or county can create a Mobile Home Rent Control and Mobile Home Rent Control Ordinance. Make a research on the web to see how. Yet, your local city including council and general attorney, may be bought by the Park Owners. As the mobile home law was made by mobile home Park Owners you cannot bring Park Owners to justice. You should make the Park Owners' law invalid or prove it violate fairness first before you can sue them. Protest the injustice law is better than buying gun and waiting for a chance to shoot criminal.

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