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Martin Sanchez, owner of Sanchez Landscaping (El Paso, TX - Fort Bliss - Santa Teresa, NM - Surrounding Areas). Mr. sanchez came to our home in the Northeast area of El Paso, TX in September of 2011. He offered a business card and gave me an estimate on landscaping. He was very willing to work with us on cost, dates, ect. He was very open and seemed helpful. I told him I was gathering quotes and looking to actually do the work myself. I called him back because he had offered to just purchase the rock I needed for the yard but again I declined. Later that month when I was ready to get the rock I needed I ran into several dead ends with stock issues from local companies. I then called Mr. Sanchez again and told him I was needing to buy the rock from him.

He then offered me a deal on placing it in the backyard because he was working the area, and had a bid in with my neighbor. By the time he made it to my home the next day, 9-28-11, he had acquired my neighbors business. He required what most were requiring by way of a deposit or materials up front. I wrote him a check that day for $350. The check was cashed that day at ACE Cash Express in El Paso, TX. It cleared my bank the following week on 10-3-11. He had said he would have the rock delivered on 10-5-11. He came by my home that day saying he was going with my neighbor to pickup some potted plants and trees to start here yard the following Monday, 10-10-11. He arranged for her to meet him at a nursery on HWY 28 in New Mexico near Mesilla and La Union. He took a rather large deposit from her that week also.

On Monday October 10 I waited until mid day with no call, no materials, and no sign of Martin Sanchez or workers from Sanchez Landscaping. I called several times and left many messages of concern. The following day I continued to call. My neighbor also continued to call. We started asking around our neighborhood and found that he has taken several people's money in our area alone and ran. No returned calls, no returned money. BEWARE of this man. He is a scammer.

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      17th of Dec, 2011
    Sanchez Landscaping - Just got scammed
    Sanchez Landscaping
    United States

    Martin also prowls new housing developments! My husband and I are in the Upper Valley. Just off of Artcraft in new Desert View Homes. As soon as we moved in Martin came door to door to seek business. We declined. A year later (this past June 2011) he came by with his card and asked if we were ready to landscape. We had a large yard and asked him to give us an estimate. HIs price ($6, 900) seemed reasonable considering land, rock, sprinkler system, trees, plants etc. all which he promised to complete in 12 days.
    Well days turned into weeks, to months with endless calls and threats to him. He would answer apologize, beg forgiveness, etc.Yet we saw him working at another house! We had paid him a large amount (approx. $3500) down to cover alot of the materials. He would show up every once in a while and ask for another $100 here so he could "pay his guys." FOUR months later our job was near completion and he kept telling us "at least it's a great job right?" No! It cost months of stress for my husband and myself waiting for him to show up daily, sometimes hourly (he'd call and assure us 1 hr he'd be there) to no avail. We finally told him to get out of our lives. He left a whole in our wall, never completed cement work and rock work (all paid for).Guess we learned the hard way! Shut the door in his face!

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      11th of Apr, 2012

    f u boy MR. Sanchez did a good job at my home

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