San Ramon police / Beat me up and through me in jail

1 San Ramon, CA, United States

I was assaulted by a cop that is 6'3 220+ pd.
He used his hand to push me and whole body to the ground. Abusive to say the least.
I weight 100 pd and I'm 5'3.
He stated he was going to arrest me for something that they won't even disclose.
He through me on the ground because I barely moved my upper torso as I was in shock.
I didn't run, push away, or resist and he claim that's why he got physical.
These cops are so shady, and how do they get away with getting physical with me. If any other person did what this cop did, they would have gone to jail.
Another sr cop was laughing at my Christmas tree and, where talking freely about my sex life and again discriminating due to a gag gift I had.
Very unprofessional, cruel, liers, and what man hits on a tiny women.

San Ramon police

Apr 30, 2014

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