San Diego County Sheriff DeparmentHarassing Innocent People with restraining orders that have no merit

It is sad to see that people in San Diego are mostly drug addicts and criminals. Such a classless city it is. I never thought that the San Diego sheriff department would be involved in drug trafficking along with blacks with criminal and prison records of St Vincent De Paul-Father Joe Villages in San Diego. July 4, 2013 a black woman named Lorraine Prenters of Village Place apartments aka New Jack City 32 17th Street apt 320 San Diego Ca 92101 attacked me with a chain. I called police who gave her a citation. I was given an eviction notice by Gervon Flanagan because I was not nice during the attack. I previously told Lorraine Prenters to leave me alone when she kept coming to my unit harassing me about stealing her boyfriend and cigarettes, I do not smoke and I do not want any man that has touched her, she is beneath me. My attorney Julie Lewin was weak in the court room against Judge Jon Meyers who denied her a jury trial. I won the case with stipulations. A few weeks after the trial, (37-2013-[protected] CTL UD) Lorraine began to threaten to harm me. I emailed police about her. I also told them that a tenant named Samuel Hollman complained about Lorraine, Regina White in unit 320, Sabrina and her parolee husband in unit 201, Mike Hoffman in unit 208, and Veronica in unit 302 coming to his door with bags of crack. This infuriated St Vincent De Paul attorney Rebecca Fortune who hacked into my computer and subpoenaed my emails from Google and Cox Communications. According to my attorney the emails were inadmissible in court. Shortly thereafter Samuel Hollman's body was found in the desert and I was given a notice to vacate by Judge Jon Meyers. March 2014 CEO Sister Tricia Cruz was asked to resign for embezzlement by Father Joe Carroll. It was Friday March 1, 2013 a two white males and a white female with a large dog entered New Jack City or Village Place apartments, they went to the second floor to Johnyy's unit a weird acting black male. Then Willie Ray Meadows comes out of unit 321 and told the woman and her dog to come to his unit. According to Regina White they were meth dealers and she said when black men are high on crack and meth, they like to watch women have sex with dogs. Willie Ray Meadows DOB 3/12/1962 is a black man who was on parole at the time and has a long felony history. The police came to his unit to question him and this made him angry. Out of revenge he consulted with attorney Rebecca Fortune who told him to go to court to ask for a restraining order based on lies to be put against me. Even after the restraining order was granted he continued to contact me and want a sexual relationship. This is the MO of people who live at St Vincent De Paul who are into criminal activity, they use restraining orders to harass and intimidate. San Diego sheriff deputy B Delgado came to my unit over 50 times on one order and that is unacceptable. It makes me wonder if the sheriff department is not also trafficking drugs with blacks in St Vincent De Paul. Tariq Abdul Muhammad DOB 3/12/1965 a black man who is a Muslim being investigated by the FBI was on parole when agent Martinez told St Vincent De Paul Captain Tillett of security to do a shakedown of his belongings. Tariq was furious and went to court to ask for a restraining order be placed against me because he thought me responsible for the shakedown. The restraining order was based on lies. It is already established that staff of St Vincent De Paul like Gervon Flanagan and Rebecca Fortune and Erica Jardine are taking drug kickback money from the residents. All of these people mentioned have a prison record and a long list of felonies. Word on the street that St Vincent De Paul is under Federal investigation and it should be. I was so appalled to learn that Village Place right behind Father Joe Carroll's house is a crack house known as New Jack City. I had no idea I was signing a lease to a house of ill repute. My attorney Richard Steiner has appealed the case. Any reporter who wants to interview me can contact me. Those people made my life miserable.

Jan 04, 2015

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