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I encountered endless problems with the use of Cabot Products to initially stain and then to remove the Cabot failed stain and refinish. Much correspondence with their tech department ensued. At the suggestion of the local paint store I requested the Cabot area tech look at the job for on site evaluation. That could not be done until a formal complaint according to their procedure was made. I did that and a totally convoluted incomplete spin was put on the evidentiary material.

The Cabot SPF coating does not comply with the description on the can. The Cabot Problem Stripper and Cabot Problem Solver Wood Cleaner though repeatedly applied did not effectively remove the

SPF finish. Their Australian Oil recommended for the re finish is a total disaster.

I suggest anyone thinking of using these products make certain that the painter is thoroughly familiar with their use, pros and cons. In order to avoid blame my painter misstated when contacted by Cabot be certain of the product and painter.

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  • Kr
      Sep 25, 2009

    I had the same results with Cabot. I used their Spar Varnish for French Finishing and I got streaks where the synthetics lifted out of the product as an unwanted film. I only used a small bit, but got a ton of unwanted results from their high gloss product. I even tried their thin product in the spray can and the same thing happened. This means, the company has no quality control in testing their product.

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  • Kr
      Oct 07, 2009

    Xander is right!

    I am an artesian and have used spar varnish for 30 years. If you have used Cabot Spar Varnish, you need to read this:

    Cabot has no right to place a synthetic product that compels oil, under a product which has been natural oil base for centuries. I have been testing this product. If you use it and let it set for 12 hours, it is in gum format and it can rub right off your surface with a rag. If it dries over a 3 day period it is like cement and does not sand easy. Who wants to sand antiques? The Cabot surface film will not take any additional oil finish wipes, since it compels any oil based product. All it takes is a film of bad Cabot and you have permanent streaks. The high gloss cans are not high gloss; and beware; it can not be sanded to a gloss surface because it is a synthetic gum. If any one knows of a class action effort against damage this product has done under the experience hands of wood workers?.. I am in. I bought my product from Lowe’s, who discontinued the Spar Varnish and has no alternative product on their shelves. Synthetic spar urethane is made for boats and under heavy duty sanding, and is called under the correct name of urethane, but beware, salespersons grab this product when a customer asks for spar varnish and claims it is the same. If I ask them where they learned this fact, they tell me they are told to say it. We are talking about Home Depot and Lowe’s together. I have been trying the ACE Spar Varnish which is doing well. Here is your solution. They do not carry much on their shelves, so let them know to restock.

    It is important that Cabot Spar Varnish User’s know that the product will dry in the can to a gel if you do not place the lid on it while doing your job. It has no shelf life and should have never been placed on shelves to the regulated specifications. I do not know how this product was sold. This just tells me, large outfits like Lowe’s seem to be out of touch with regulations and test use of products. They rely on a hand few like us to get burnt and blow whistle. See the nations complaints on under this products name

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