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Samsung Omnia / vodacare not being loyal to their customers

1 South Africa

Bought a Samsung i900v by Hatfield Vodacom, on the 21st of November 2008.Their told me that if the phone gives me problems within 7 days, I should bring it back to them, which it did not.But after the third week of having the phone it started giving me problems, FREEZING, No Internet connection(even after having tried to activate it)JAMING, BLACKOUTS, the list goes on!At this point i couldn't take it back, due to having been on holiday(away from Gauteng)when i came back, I decided i have had it with the phone, and i am taking it back.Took it back, and was called & told that i need to pay R1 613, i dont understand why i need to be paying that amount of money, when i pay so much already and have a 1 year guarantee with them for the phone!Their said that any problem that might occur, i need to bring it back(which i did)so their can fix it!I called them to get the exact story, & this RUDE consultant told that it is not their problem, I broke the phone(WHICH I DID NOT)I should pay or get the phone back as it is!What also makes me so upset is that i heard that ALL the people who had bought the Omnia are bringing them back, with the same complains as mine!Why do i have to pay for their faults! A few weeks after having taken them to HelloPeter Charmaine Rindelits called me and told me that they is nothing that they can do, i have to come up with the whole amount or come and get my phone. At which i tryed explaining my story again and she said they is nothing they can do. i even asked for a discount(because i can not afford to pay so much for a phone that i did not break) she still refused!Im really upset and disappointed at Samsung &Vodcare for not living up to there promises of providing their customers with leading product and services.I'm being inconvenienced badly.This is just wrong that people(Millions of people complain about the product, I asked around and by Vodacare people complain and their said 90% of people who buy the products)should be given faulty products and made to pay for them too.Vodacare is such a huge high profiled Co &it clients do not deserve to be treated in such a manner.its been quiet a few month now and i am still in the dark with my phone. i did not pay this month because i want Vodacare and samsung to relook the matter and help me out. this is unacceptable. its already six months and i still dont have my phone. PLEASE HELP ME. I AM IN SERIOUS NEED OF HELP. I HAVE TRYED TO GET HELP EVERYWHERE AND ITS BEEN UNSUCCESSFUL.

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