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Sam's Shoe Repair / Horrible Customer Service

1 6750 Meadowvale Town Centre Circle, L5N 2K6Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Contact information:
Phone: 905-569-6001

On Monday, May 25th, 2015 at 12:40pm, I went to Sam’s Shoe Repair in the Meadowvale location located beside the Rabba store, in attempt to get my purse fixed. When I walked in, a man in his late twenties approached me, looked at my purse and saw what was wrong. As he looked at the piece I gave him that was broken off, he examined it and explained it was the wrong piece. I then immediately went home and came all the way back to the shop with the correct piece within that hour. The same man then gave me a ticket to pick up my purse when it was ready. He took my purse, held the broken piece I brought him in his hand, and told me it will be ready by tomorrow (Tuesday, May 26th, 2015). The man did not give me a time to come so I gave him more than 24 hours (28 hours to be precise).

The next day on Tuesday, May 26th, 2015 at 4:50pm, I came to pick up my purse. I walked in and pulled out the ticket the man gave me the day before, and I gave it to the woman working there. She took the ticket and looked at me clueless, and asked what I came for. The point of providing a ticket is so that they can match it up with the item they have for me. I had to explain to the lady what it was exactly that I was picking up. She was digging through other purses as I could see from where I was standing. I had to point out to her where my purse was. It was still sitting in the same bag I gave the man the day I dropped it off. She pulled my purse out of the bag by the broken handle and stared at me in a way of what is she supposed to do about it. I calmly explained to her that the man that took my purse said it will be fixed by tomorrow (Tuesday, May 26th). She then gave the purse to another man that was working there that I had not seen the previous day when I dropped off my purse. The lady walked to the counter and completely ignored me, then began to help another customer. She waved her hand carelessly pointing to the man behind her, giving me no eye contact and using a negative non-caring body language, when she could have simply used her words and say for example “this man will assist you”.

The man came to me and I said “The guy I talked to yesterday said it will be fixed today”. The man replied and said “He’s not here!” I then asked “when will he be in next?” and the man replied “Tomorrow morning!” in a very aggressive manner and tone”. The man was legitimately yelling at me saying the other guy was not there and “what do you want me to do?!?!” Followed by his impatient non-caring belligerence, I told him in the calmest way “You know, you shouldn’t talk to your customers that way”. He then began to fumble words together, explaining the guy that helped me will not be in anymore and saying he is going to get rid of him. I was confused because he just told me he will be in the next morning. That was when I said “I don’t understand”. Then the man said “You know what?! Take the purse somewhere else!! Don’t come back here”. He also said “I don’t like customers talking to me that way!!” Followed by my response (keeping my cool) “How am I talking to you?” He did not respond. Instead, he said “Give me the ticket back!” I explained I already gave the woman the ticket, not realizing she gave it back to me. I opened my wallet and was searching for the ticket and he saw it and stuck his hands near my wallet to show me, and I still didn’t see it. The second before I found it and was about to pull it out, he was about to pull it out for me, almost invading my privacy. He kept fumbling and yelling, telling me to get out and go somewhere else. As I still remained calm after being treated disgustingly, I asked him who the manager was and he yelled “There is no manager!! I am the owner!!” He then turned around and ignored me as I stood there in shock. I didn’t know what else I could say at that point, and I walked out of the shop crying uncontrollably.

This store location’s employees were EXTREMELY unprofessional and rude. As a customer seeking their help to fix my purse, they failed to fulfill their duties and did not handle the situation well at all. I was and still am extremely upset about this incident because I did not do anything to them to be treated in the way they treated me.

To whomever receives this complaint, my name is Andrea Prince, please feel free to contact me at [protected].

May 26, 2015

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