Sam's Club / Sam's West / poor customer service

Erie, PA, United States

We visited this store to purchase an engagement ring. The woman at the jewelry counter was phenomenal. She provided superior customer service throughout the entire purchase and we truly appreciate her going above and beyond to complete the transaction. Under no circumstances should this woman be reprimanded. We then tried to make a purchase of other items up front. We explained to a woman with dark hair pulled back, tattoo on her ear, glasses, and green vest that our father's card had expired. She proceeded to tell us that we could renew the card for 45.00 at member services. We were trying to to do as we were told as she followed us to member services. She harassed and embarrassed the 2 other women who were just trying to do their job and help us. She used a horrible tone with them, and exclaimed "absolutely not!" (Almost as if she were parenting a child). She proceeded to be argumentative with us and was clearly looking for a fight. I do not mind following procedure, but I do mind trying to be publicly humiliated and treated as if I just committed a crime. Under no circumstances should she be working with the public in a service position. While discussing the sutuation with a manager, he admitted that he was sure her attitude could have been better. How is this justifiable and no action taken? I strongly recommend this employee be reprimanded and perhaps relocate to a different position within the store such as stocking shelves. Unfortunately, I have reconsidered ever shopping at this location ever again!

Oct 19, 2018

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