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Samantha Hildreth / Webmaster scam

1 Las Vegas, NV, United States Review updated:
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This person sells webmaster services that she does not perform. It's a 100% scam. Send her a deposit to get going and that's it. She never starts or returns e-mails or calls.

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  • De
      22nd of Nov, 2008
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    I received a spam email from her trying to sell me website services from a new company called Ginkga Sudio Web Design ( I checked out this new website and some of her previous work listed on it, such as Butterfly Cinema Network. People on this forum say it is a scam:

    Here are the other companies that I found associated with her:

    Websites AmericaLinx Company (ALCO)

    Buyer Beware!
    Buyer Beware!

  • Sa
      19th of Dec, 2008
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    Actually, you are both mistaken. I have a lot of customers and I believe these comments to either be left by competitors or just people who are trying to give me a bad name.

    Nice try guys. Find someone else to pick on.

    ~Samantha Hildreth

  • Co
      15th of Mar, 2010
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    This site is a ###ing JOKE~

    Just anyone out there can come post a complaint about anyone or anything. Completely unfounded~

    This company is about to be sued for slander unless they remove the ### complaints they allow just anyone to post without proving anything. This is not a court of law here it's a ###ing WEBSITE !!!


  • Sa
      16th of Mar, 2010
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    This site is a joke! I agree! Complaints Board is 100% a joke and a sham and a scam!!

    1. (((((ANYONE)))))) - an ex-spouse, revengeful acquaintance, jealous competitor - ANY-ONE, can post on this site!! And they can post ANYTHING they want!!!

    The fact that anyone can post a company name (without having to prove anything!) is "maybe" acceptable, but for them to allow just public traffic to post someone's PERSONAL NAME is highly grotesque and a big sign that this entire site is nothing but garbage. Just a spam dump at best!

    Read through a lot of the comments and posts...SPAM! Comments that appear to be some sort of issue with subtle hints of websites and names of companies...Complaints Board is a JOKE!

    I have a big distaste for sites like Complaints Board because they aren't selling anything, they aren't producing anything, they aren't even filtering anything that's being posted on here so they aren't even a legit "business" - Complaints Board is nothing but a scam! They start a site like this and let anyone post anything they want about anyone and (anyone's company) and then Complaints Board opens derivative sites offering THEIR services to "remove your complaints from Complaint Board" - you see the people who run Complaints Board are nothing more than cons themselves...con artists...

    If you LOOK closely, a lot of the posts on Complaints Board are left by SPAMMERS!

    For instance, the above "complaint" about me personally and my company alleges I sent a spam mail trying to sell webmaster services and apparently this contained my FULL PERSONAL NAME ??? Let me ask you, if YOU sent spam mail, would YOU include YOUR full personal name?????

    You see what I mean? This "complaint" is clearly someone who either knows me or knows of my company and has ill-intent against me personally.

    And the Butterfly Cinema Network has not EVER been associated or affiliated or even MENTIONED by MY company...rather THIS post is likely someone working for Butterfly Cinema Network and the post is spam! Just "free" advertisement for Butterfly Cinema Network!

    So all in all, Complaints Board is nothing but a sham - a rip-off itself! It's Mafia-style money. Just like the so-called "Better Business Bureau" - they charge businesses money to be in their little "group" but yet when someone complains about that business, depending on how much money the Better Business Bureau is making off their members, nothing is done.

    I have two such examples -

    1. A customer of ours was actually an attorney, who was also a pimp who hired us to do a job and lied about the contents of the job. They actually wanted us to make "brochures" for their escorts and we refused, once we realized what they upstanding "Member" of the BBB", and when we complained against them the BBB looked the other way. The attorney/pimp told us the job was for "fitness models" but we later discovered the girls were all prostitutes. The attorney/pimp pays the BBB to "handle" his bad PR just in case his law practice becomes entangled with the pimp business. He KNOWS the BBB isn't going to do anything to hurt his business because he's paying the high BBB membership SEE??

    2. I joined a gym who kept taking double payments from my bank account and refused to stop! I was so angry that I told EVERYONE I came into contact with about the situation and was able to amazingly collect 22 signatures and stories of 22 other people who ALSO had a problem with this gym...many of us having filed complaints with the "Better Business Bureau", this gym continued to operate and the BBB didn't even post or make public a lot of the complaints filed against the gym.

    This gym was also an "upstanding member of the BBB" and remained so despite the MANY complaints submitted about them - including horror stories of the gym owners stealing the bank account numbers from checks of people who pre-paid their gym memberships. The gym was paying the BBB those membership dues to ensure that the BBB handled any complaints coming through...

    So the point being - Complaints Board, the Better Business Bureau - all of these types of things are all about the $$ themselves. The only difference is THEY don't actually have to sell anything, they have no inventory to manage, they have few staff, they don't have anything to sell.

    Complaints Board just sits back and let's anyone post anything about anyone on an open forum and then sells "clean-up" services to try to force people to pay for their bully tactics.

    I refuse !!!

    Buyer Beware against Complaints Board - another sham on the internet!!!

    Google them, they have been sued by major companies (who ACTUALLY DO produce and sell!)

    NO company has 100% satisfied customers - NO ONE !!! I don't care what you do or what you sell or what services you provide - NO company has 100% customer satisfaction!!!

    My issue is with this ### site (Complaints Board) allowing anyone to post my PERSONAL name !!! Without regard to the protection of ME, my children, my friends or Family, my business - all open game on Complaints Board!

    Complaints Board is nothing but a sham!!

    ~Samantha Hildreth

  • Sa
      16th of Mar, 2010
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    Complaints Board is nothing but GOSSIP and who doesn't love GOSSIP???

    Magazines and entire corporations are created round gossip - I see a lot of ADS on Complaints Board!

    Hey Complaints Board, making any MONEY off of all these ads you have all over this site??

    Gossip really can draw in a crowd, eh Complaints Board?

    Ask any Side Show...

  • Dt
      1st of Jun, 2011
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    Samantha Hildreth posts ads on Craigslist offering her services under Gingko Studio Media. She now goes under the alias of Samantha Brown in Santa Monica, CA and will take your deposit and never give a work product back. Notice that she has no office/home address on her website and if you try googling her, you get nothing. As you might be able to gather from the above rants, not entirely a "professional"...-not sure who would use that language while trying to protect their reputation (?). She is a complete and total flake and 100% scam who complains above about having no protection but in fact offers none for her clients or their money. Totally illegit "business" and complete BS. Sam, I think you might need to change your name again.

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