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I rented a storage container from SAM in order to stage my home for sale in Westchester County. SAM did not provide delivery to the are I was moving so I planned to have the container returned to my home, the movers unload the stuff from the container directly onto the moving truck and - no problem, right?

WRONG!! The company failed twice to deliver the container. It finally arrived in the nic of time to get onto the moving truck. I paid the movers $240.00 dollars to wait longer for the stupid container. Bad right? IT GETS WORSE!! Now, I no longer own the home where the container is sitting - I'd scheduled the contianer to be picked up the day after I moved which was still 3 days before closing on the house. The closing still went forward - the new owners can't get their cars in the drive way and their movers can't move their stuff into the home - I can't get stupid SAM to move their container. Their customer service center is absolutely no help at all. What a wretchedly poorly run company.

Stay away from this place - they are clueless and no help at all. What's more - they told me if any damage is done to the container by the other moving company I will be held responsible - even though I've asked them six times to move their property - unbelievable.


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