Sam Ash / Horrible attitude and defective product


This is the first time I went to Sam Ash and for god sake it will also be the last. It's the NYC 34th St one. The staff from brass instrument section gave me that horrible service makes me felt like I'm no biggie. I asked for assistance on choosing tutorial book and accessories and he gave me that tired, sloppy face during the whole time but when other customers came up he changed that face and greeted them. What the F is that? Besides, I bought a string bass rosin and a huge portion of it is missing, its like only filled 60% of the cup. What the hell?! What makes me even more angry is that sam ash says product can only be returned as it's sold, which means I can't ask for refund or return because the only way to inspect the rosin is to rip off the cover. This is a totally unpleasant shopping experience. Sam Ash, maybe Scam ### would be a better name for you.

Mar 16, 2017

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