Salter School / medical assistant

1 Malden, MA, United States
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I attended the school assuming I would walk out with clerical and also hands on Medical Tech and Phlebotomy, I start to notice the teachers we had was leaving or being fired, always the ones that really care to actually help people, then we gotten nurses that teach the classes half [censor] and share with students that she only took the position to help pay off her tuition, for me I never miss a day even though I push my self to finish, come to find out the school is a fraud to bait people in and never intended to give us what the students LOANs paid for! For what ever reason salter school was fined by the state for misleading people a few locations got students help but Malden Ma still fraud people with the same tricks they pull on my group I started with, they never to this day gotten me a externship or my certificate from attending .and to find out later it happen to others before me! I just hope some day the attorney general can refund us all our money from this scam school!

Jun 14, 2017

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