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Salon Del Sol / Hair extension damage

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On April 26th 2007, I visited Salon Del Sol to have hair extensions added to my hair by Tiffany Perrin. I have been a customer of Salon Del Sol for several years and have always been happy with their service. However, this time it was not the case. I signed a waiver saying I would not hold the salon responsible for any damages that may occur due to MY USE of the extensions (not by fault of the technician). As I signed, I joked "It's not like my hair will fall out, right?" She laughed and said of course not. After 5 days, I had one extension fall out and pulled my own hair root out. I was extremely careful with this new hair, as I had spent close to $2000.00. I went in to see Tiffany and she assured me it was just a fluke and shouldn't happen again. I told her my head was also still sore and she assured me the soreness would pass. The next day, I had 5 more extensions fall out and pull my root out with all of them, as well. I couldn't get in touch with Tiffany, so I called a very reputable Salon in NYC, experienced in Great lengths extensions to ask their advice. They said it sounded like I had too many extensions in my hair for my hair texture. They advised me to go to someone else local to look at the extensions. I visited another reputable salon in Richmond, and their suspicions were confirmed. She informed me that the Great Extensions hair had not been properly put into my own hair and most likely, if I left them in, my hair would continue to fall out. The stylist informed me my hair could handle no more than 3 bundles of hair, but Tiffany had used 6. I called Tiffany and asked her to remove them. When I met her the next morning, she said she had been crying all evening and was so sorry about what had happened to me. She assured me she would talk to the owner and believed that the owner would surely give me a refund due to the fact that it "wasn't my fault." (Quote from Tiffany herself) I asked Tiffany to make sure none of my own hair was being damaged in the removal process and she assured me that it wasn't. She had to rearrange her schedule that day, and while helping another client, allowed an apprentice(not a Great lengths certified specialist) to remove many of my extensions. She assured me that it would be fine. After the removal, I was shocked to see that my hair was shorter due to breakage and much thinner after the removal. She denied that it was even after I reminded her about my bottom layer of hair being normally... and she finished my sentence by saying "shorter than the rest and we couldn't get it to grow out." I pulled the top layer together with the bottom and said "Look, now it's the same!" She did not know what to say. I called the salon several times to check on my refund and was finally informed that the owner had decided not to give me one, even though the stylist had told me I deserved one. My husband and I went to talk to her in person, she called the police and said that Salon Del Sol was not responsible and would not refund me.She said nothing is wrong with the hair and nothing was wrong with the stylist. She assured me she was a professional, so she didn't make mistakes. I am a professional as well, but I am human and therefore I can make mistakes. I asked not for a full refund, but only for the service fee refund and the owner, Denise Latham laughed in my face and said that I wasn't getting anything. She offered only to give me a conditioning treatment and a haircut. I was not happy with that because that would not fix my shorter, thinner hair. She said to me, "Well, the $2000.00 isn't going to bring your hair back either." I said to her that it was the principle of the matter. I was assured that this would not damage my hair by the styilist and that I had nothing to worry about. I was never warned about my own personal hair loss. I feel that I deserve a full refund as this was not my fault. I did not incur this damage due to my own actions. The owner was condescending and rude, and I was shocked at how little she cared about myself, a loyal customer of 3 years. I have been visiting this salon monthly since 2004 and previous to that in 2001, I was there with my bridesmaids getting out hair done for my wedding. I believe that Tiffany did not use proper technique to install my extensions as confirmed by 2 other stylists and I should have been refunded. I am now extremely depressed due to my hair damage and it is very hard for me to go to work, as I work with the public daily. I am a pharmacist and when I make a mistake, I refund that patient all of their money because I want them to know I am sorry and I want to keep their business. I guess I expected others to work on the same philosophy. I am seeing a dermatologist soon as my scalp is still feeling itchy and looking red from the hair extension damage. I hope that you will pursue this matter as I am very concerned for future customers and the potential harm that awaits them.

Thank you
Dr. Kelly

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  • J
      28th of Sep, 2007
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    Did we leave out some other parts of the story LIKE your husband called and harrased/threatend the salon manager and that is why the police were called. Or that the fact of you signing the wavier is also to tell you that the hair is not a natural part of your body and may be rejected? You should know since your a so called "DOCTOR". Just remeber that there are two sides to every story.

  • An
      16th of Sep, 2009
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    I would have contacted a lawyer to investigate a possible lawsuit. This is a totally unprofessional and unacceptable response to this client. At the least, a partial refund should have been offered. IMHO

  • Ma
      6th of Nov, 2010
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    Salon Del Sol - rudeness
    Salon Del Sol
    11800 W BROAD ST STE 2316
    United States

    My previous 2 experiences with a particular hair stylist at Salon Del Sol at Short Pump Town Center were completely worth it: she was pleasant, skilled, and made me feel like a new person every time time I left! Unfortunately, this amazing stylist quit her job and moved. I assumed that all Salon Del Sol stylists would give me equally quality treatment. Not so.

    My new stylist, assigned to me at random, was incredibly rude. I asked her for suggestions on what haircut would suit me the best. She didn't have any; said that what I had suggested sounded fine. Ok, not a huge deal, though I DO expect that when I pay that much money for a haircut, my haircutter is going to have some creativity, some ideas, and know what will be best for my face shape.

    She spent a lot longer than I expected cutting layers into my already short hair - making the top layers much shorter than I'd expected. When I asked her what she was doing (just to be certain we were on the same page), she replied with a snotty look and tone, "Cutting your hair." There was none of the typical rapport-inducing salon chit-chat. I don't have to be best friends with my stylist, but this silence was quite awkward.

    When she was finally done chopping away and took me to the front desk to pay, the cashiers ooh'd and ahh'd. Excessively. "OH MY GOD, how did you manage to get her hair to look like that?! It looks SOOO much better!" "Wow, (stylist name), you did such a great job, what an improvement!" That may be ok for friends to say to each other after a haircut, but that kind of overblown complimenting implies I looked like a complete slob with weeds in my hair when I walked in the door. Tact and politeness is the name of the game, and these people had none of it. In addition, the compliments were not addressed to me: they were addressed to the stylist, for her supposedly almighty makeover powers. It was an ok haircut.

    Every person I interacted with there made me feel about 1" tall. I was so embarrassed, taken aback, and angry with their rudeness that I will never enter another Salon Del Sol, and I will never recommend it to anyone. No one deserves that. This happened in 2007; I only hope this store has discovered these issues and has taken care of it.

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