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Salon 128 / Bad Hairstylist Practiced

1 Broomfield, CO, United States Review updated:

I checked into 2 hair processed being offered at Salon 128, by a "master stylist" who had over 5 years experience. The first process, a japanese thermal reconditong treatment, meant to permanently straighten you hair. 100% guaranteed to leave your hair softer, silkier, and in better condition. Well after dropping $200 on this product, not only is my hair not straight, it si dry, fuzzy, and ridiculously unmanageable. It caused permanent damage and breakage, that can only be repaired by cutting it.

Secondly. I paid $400 for "real human hair" extensions that were promised to last over 6 months with proper care. Well it has only been about 7 days, and the extensions are ratted, fuzzy, tangled, and look like malibu barbie hair. I have followed all care and styling instructions, and it has not made on bit of a difference.

I highly doubt that a 21 year old fresh from cosmo school is a trained master stylist. She has no knowledge about how to work with different types of hair, and deffinitely needs re-trainging on chemical processes. I might as well have thrown $700 out the window!! Salon 128 is crappy and needs to be shut down.

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  • Ch
      28th of Feb, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Hair stylist don't have magic wands. they can't make everyone happy. its sad because when people are happy they don't go out of there way to post it everywhere. but when some one isn't happy they can't seem to find enough ways to try and ruin someone. These kind of websites are really one sided and people dont know the history of the persons hair befor or how it even looked befor the certain stylist did there hair or what the person complaining did befor and didn't tell the stylist which contributed to the out come of there hair now. This salon has very talented stylist. we do stand by our work. it just wasn't enough for her.

  • Ha
      6th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Agree-I have gone to salon 128 and was very pleased with the out-come of my hair and the talent my stylist posseses. Not everyone can be satisfied, especially when paying out so much money. Sounds like the comment before was made by a girl that felt guilty spending the money and was even more upset that she did not get it back!
    I love my hair and will definitly go back to Salon 128

  • Sp
      7th of Mar, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Hmm. I agree that it is highly unlikely that someone so young could possibly be a trained master stylist. That takes years and year of work and training. Is this a new salon? If you stood by your work, why didn't ya just give the girl her $$$ back?

  • Fu
      7th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Aaahhem! I have the 3 or 4 emails that i sent to her saying "MY HAIR IS COLORED, BLEACHED, AND DRY! Is this process still OK?" To which she said yes. ...It is a conditioning treatment, i have been doing these for 5 years... yada yada yada. B/S. She knew what condition my hair was in because I made it a point to tell her repeatedly. She even acknowledged it when she washed my hair the first time, BEFORE applying the chemical treatment. There was no shady business on my part. SHE is shady as hell. Thats why she ran and deleted her "100% guarantee" craigslist ads. Good thing I have them all saved to my computer. If you cared about someone "ruining" your salon, you would have handled my complaint yourself after I called you. I would have settled for an apology and $300 refund. Karma is Beyotch.

  • Be
      3rd of Apr, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I went to salon 128 recently and had an amazing experience I love my hair! what did you expect only paying that much for your extensions your not going to get the same exact quality you would get if you would have paid $1200 for them obviously! Extensions are alot it sounds like you got a hell of a deal. This lady sounds like a wacko! I understand you arn't happy but its probably because you had terrible hair to begin with thats not her fault!! The stylist that did my hair was so nice and so sweet your making her sound like she is the devil and she is far from. I stand by salon 128 they did such a great job i will be a customer for life! you just sit here and make ### out of good people karma has already cought up to you and you got the short end of the stick you are right Karma is a Beyotch and you are a perfect example of bad karma!

  • Ki
      29th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I've been to Salon 128 twice for myself. Referred my husband, sister, and even brought my own child there. We were all satisfied with the service -- price and end result -- and have felt good about recommending this place to friends as well.

    If you're bleaching and adding extensions, you are doing UNatural things to your hair. If you're not happy with what God gave you, don't be pissed at the person trying to help you. The stylist, I'm sure, did the best they could. Karm is a beyotch and you're the shining example of the beyotch part.

    Enjoy your frizz. Maybe now that you resemble a Barbie the kids in the neighborhood will finally play with you.

  • Ta
      11th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have never been to Salon 128. I am a full time independant stylist. I was just checking the salon out on google. I was suprised to see all of the bad reviews that followed their website.

    A few things, I have only heard one side of the situation but, it sounds like there was a huge missed communication.

    1. If you had your hair straightened and it was so damaged why would you go back to her? And for an expensive service such as extentions? And why would the stylist give you extentions? The truth is if your hair is really damaged the extentions will help the length but you will have a heck of a time getting your natural hair to look healthy and nice to match the extentions.

    2. The extentions were priced on the lower side which makes me wonder the quality of the hair. I have offered extentions in the past but to be honest with you they are nothing but a hassle. They are very hard to maintain with healthy hair and the price point makes clients expect it will be some miracle cure and it is far from it.

    3.It seeems to me that you have mentioned the stylists professional status quite a bit. I understand that you may be upset but that is not your place to decide. I have been doing hair for 8years, managaed 3 salons, worked in premier salons in both downtown denver and cherry creek. I am a master stylist and I am 28, of course I look like I am only 22 but who cares. What Im saying is you may be upset but you have no right to question her time spent motivation and status in her position you are not a stylist. Unfortunatly every stylist has a bad day and every stylist makes wrong choices. I think you just blew her out of the water on every single site you could get your hands on.

    4. I do agree with you on the refund. It stinks to put in the time money and product. I do have a no refund policy stated on all brocures and on my website as well. I have every client sign a release with every chemical service. BUT, there is a time and a place when you just have to eat it and unfortunatly people like you will complain and tell enough people that it makes it worth while to just give you your money back and release yourself from clients like you.

    5. I would love for you to actually take a moment and think of Salon 128's buisness as a whole. There are I think 4 other stylists there? Well all of your sillyness is popping up for their clients to read too. So you are damaging the salons rep as well. These causes a loss in walk ins and a loss in retention. Oh and not to mention other people to jump on your band wagon if they did not get the cut they want. The reality is not everyone cuts hair the same not everyone is suited personality wise for others, but really you have nothing better to do? You name is left out, WHY? Im sure if you included your name and address and phone number you would be getting tons of calls from these stylists and there clients. THINK ABOUT IT! You are responsible for all of your choices.

  • Pi
      31st of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    Silly woman. This is not the way to deal with an "unhappy" hair experience. You compliant is first and foremost in theory with the stylist. Did you complain to her in person. And if you did - were you civil? If not - did you at least send a letter to the owner - telling her - factually - without the rage - what happened - and what you want from them in order to feel less "violated"?

    If neither of these things happened, this is clearly - the wrong way to deal with this.

    I know hair is personal .. but - the rage is misplaced shared here in this way.

  • Ms
      9th of Sep, 2014
    0 Votes

    No one should be treated the way I was by the owner Susan Stoll, hairdresser Lisa Anderson and Stunning Skin By Kim Evans, facial. I had been going to "At Last" since Nov, and in May, I experienced total NON PROFESSIONALISM from all 3. Starting with Lisa Andersen's INCOMPETENT dye job, and then her NOT owning up to her mistake and the owner taking her side even though she agreed with me regarding the time frame of last "dye" job done... to cops being called out, all because I held them ACCOUNTABLE for their incompetence, gossip, disrespect and basically not being able to admit they were wrong, and I the CUSTOMER was right. So typical of today's society. But hey, as long as we are just numbers, and we have to deal with "supply and demand" and no one is ever held ACCOUNTABLE for their bad behavior, especially businesses, then what can one expect?... and is why I am doing so right here!

    Lisa, dyed and cut my hair on a Thursday on May 9th, while her mom and son were in her office as well and is why she was so distracted and incompetent. (not the first time either, she often is off in another world) I had asked her, "TO PULL THE DYE THROUGH" as usual she gives me an excuse of why she isn't doing that, even though I have asked her to do so before, because I don't want "orange" hair. I decided not to argue with her and let it go, and see how it looks the next day. Sure enough I didn't like it, too many orange hairs. I left a message asking if I could come in to have the ends done like she promised she would if I wasn't happy. I get a text asking if next Tues would be ok, I said, fine only to have her CANCEL a few days later, and change it to the following Thursday a week later.
    I show up Thursday the 16th to be all prepped, then told it had been a whole month since I had last been in to have my hair dyed, and I would have to PAY another $100. I informed her I was just in the week before, so she argued with me, both our voices raising and swearing. So, I decided to ask the OWNER SUSAN, to look at my "ROOTS" and tell me how old they look, she agreed with me 1 and half weeks to 2...(my hair grows fast) does she tell Lisa, I was right? Nope, she later takes her side and tells me not to come back. I tried to "reason and use logic" with Lisa after I sat down and she was doing my hair on the 16th. I gave her many reasons why I was in last week, I told her I would go home and look for proof of payment for that day. I went home and could find NO PROOF of payment, which means she was so DISTRACTED by her family members that she forgot to get my payment. So I called her right back told her we were both right in a way, and that I would give her a check when I saw her that night at an dog agility class we both go to. She refused my check that night and ignored me.
    The next day my facial lady KIM EVANS (she sold me a discontinued product that had side effects, bad bedside manner) cowardly and without asking for my side of the story, drops me as a client as well via email and I am told I am never allowed back there again???...I tried in person to reason with the owner to no avail, she locks the door and threatens to call the cops. The next week (day of arrest) I went back to try and get KIM to HONOR a $40.00 coupon that I had never used, that was owed to me, after she ignored my text. I again get locked out, so I calmly waited as they called the cops out again, (another unprofessional tactic when those in authority are wrong, ) they know COPS always take OWNERS of anything side. I calmly waited thinking the cops would "help" me with the "foolishness" these "business" people were displaying and their not honoring the $40.00...Nope, he turns it on me and says, "it is a CIVIL matter"...and there was no reasoning with him either, " So you are telling me you came out knowing there were NO THREATS or OUTBURST being made, for a civil matter only to waste everyone's time to tell me it is a civil matter?"... (I've called cops when renting rooms out for much worse and they would never come out for me??? I was confused) ...I asked, "You expect me to fight a $40. and spend over $100. to do so, that doesn't make sense"

    All the while he isn't listening, (yes, I was frustrated and may have shown signs in my voice and body language of that frustration, but nothing to deserve being arrested) he is just telling me I have to leave or else he will arrest me, I'm not leaving when he says to, so I am arrested, till I bailed out. I may be wrong, but I don't think so...where is it in the LAW that says, "asking questions to a cop is BREAKING a LAW???"... I really want to know why BULLYING is OK, when it comes to those who ABUSE their authority, like "AT LAST SALON in Lincoln Ca" did, and the police?...I really want to know?

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