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I always go to the same Sally Beauty Supply on Mill Plain in Vancouver, WA. I have always received the best customer service, always friendly, and helpful in a nonjudgmental way. Until today! I walk into the store get "greeted" by a girl slumped over the counter and the girl was sitting in a chair leaning back behind the cash register. Typically when I shop there, the employees go around asking all the customers if they need help finding anything. Not them! They were deep in some dramatic conversation. As I come up to the counter, the girl laying her top half over the counter, points to the other girl and says "she'll help you." Then the girl sitting in the chair gives a half eye roll and gets up. She says literally nothing to me, rings up my hair dye, and says "that'll be $8.75." So I say, "Um, im a rewards member..." and she goes "oh what's the number" in an uncaring, monotone way. So I gave her my number and it saved me about $1.50! Which I wouldn't have saved if I hadn't said anything. She then put my product in a bag, slapped the receipt on top, then held it out for me to take. I then took the bag, put the receipt inside, and says "have a nice day!" In my sarcastic tone. Then the girl slumped over then counter says "oh you have a good day too." In an also uncaring way. Worst customer service ever! I would have asked for their manager, but heaven forbid if one of them were the manager!

Mar 22, 2017

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