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Salam Baalak Foundation / It is fake totally fake

1 15 Sector Noida, India Review updated:
Contact information:

Salam Baalak Foundation is a fake organization.I recieved a call.

Yes it is fake and I got a mail regarding it from Aiims. The body of the mail says:

AIIMS has not authorized any NGO to collect donations on its behalf or for patients admitted at AIIMS.

A disclaimer regarding the same is also available on AIIMS website.

AIIMS cautions the members of public not to fall prey to any such claim of any NGO.

If the member of public wants to donate money for poor & indigent patients, then the donations can be made online or offline through AIIMS Website. The information about ‘Donation for Poor Patients’ is available on AIIMS website:

To help the poor patients, AIIMS has Medical Social Service Officers (MSSO) in every department and patients & their attendants can contact the MSSO for any help and guidance.

Information about NGOs, who are misusing our name, has been sent to the competent authorities and action will be taken against them.

- Medical Social Welfare Unit, Main Hospital, AIIMS

Medical Social Welfare Unit,

AIIMS, New Delhi

Contact No.: 011-[protected]

Nov 3, 2016
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  • Su
      3rd of Nov, 2016
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    Yes SALAM BAALAK FOUNDATION is a fake fraudulant organisation. I have all proof for that. These people are real fraudsters. Do not ever donate them even a single penny.
    All these NGOs are scams and fraudsters . Their plan of operation is such that they will first contact you over phone and will introduce themselves as one of the student volunteers of the NGO and then will describe the plight of a poor child admitted at Aiims. And then will ask to donate money to the NGOs account.

    You may have doubt on this and may raise queries like from where they have got your number. They have got a readymade answer for this query that they got your number from a blood donation camp. And if you specifically tell that you dont remember attending a blood donation camp, they will catch you there too with a reply that your friend might have given your number.

    Ok. Anyways the biggest part is that this scam is a big matrix beyond our imagination and we won't feel like its fake in the first look .

    Why we won't feel them that they are fake?

    But truth is that these three NGOs doesn't have any role in collecting money for poor patients admitted at Aiims. Most of the cases published in their sites are from Aiims hospital. Aiims hospital have got their own medical social welfare unit to raise fund for treatment of the poor. They doesn't endorse any outside NGO s to collect money for poor patients .

    I have confirmed it with AIIMS Medical social welfare unit. (Email attached below). Only the medical social welfare unit of AIIMS and the NGOs whose name are published in AIIMS website are authorized to receive donations on behalf of poor children admitted at AIIMS. NGOs Associated with AIIMS, New Delhi

    The unit have advised not to donate to any of these NGOs because the unit have not endorsed these NGOs to collect money for patients admitted at AIIMS.

    Please read AIIMS policy on receiving donations for poor patients admitted at AIIMS

    They are behind these three fraud NGOs and have asked to report such calls and emails with phone numbers and email to

    Their email [protected] . I have reported my issue and they have collected details. You also pls report urs with phone number and email IDs.

    This is a commission based scam. The student volunteers doesn't have much idea about the real scam running behind. Each student volunteer is provided with case record of a child and they are instructed to raise about 1lakh for each case. The commission offered for student volunteers ranges from 10% to above. They will plead you beg you and go to any level for meeting their target. The amount donated goes to the NGOs account but never been spend for charity because these fake NGOs doesn't have any connection with AIIMS hospital. The student volunteers are instructed to work such that, they should make their client donate before any further suspicion on activity of NGO arises on clients mind. They literally give you a emotional blackmail explaining about the sad condition of the poor parents and the child.

    This is a well structured scam based on charity. There might be many behind the scenes persons might have involved in it. Even if they are fake these people are able to obtain NGO certification from govt. They are able to obtain latest case records from Aiims.

    So its not scam run by few students. Its a big matrix beyond our imagination

    The only thing you can do is to report such calls to medical social department of aiims [protected]

  • Lo
      3rd of Nov, 2016
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    Salam Baalak Foundation Is Froud Organisation.

    This update is actually meant for those who are really looking for what all can be done to put an end this sort of social evils.

    Me you and who ever who have come across these fraudsters are really looking for a mean to put an end for this social curb. But see my first complaint against this fraud NGO was made in the month of December 2016 and even after 4 months this NGO is in to operation in full swing.

    What all can be done to put an end their fraudulent activities?

    Option 1: Make a complaint to police.

    Option 2 :Make a complaint to AIIMS.

    This fake NGOs volunteers are very cunning that they will usually choose the donors such that all the donors are away from Delhi. So even if a donor comes to know that this NGO is fake nobody bothers to make a police complaint against them. Mainly because making a police complaint is not that easy as you type here in Complaints Board. Also we need to make a complaint at a Police station somewhere in Delhi and of course we people are not ready to go behind all these cumbersome legal procedures. But we really want to put an end to this.

    Option 2

    This is the more practical option. But AIIMS is too busy with their own activities that they dont have time to go behind these frauds. But you should make them go behind them.


    Via Right to information act.
    Step 1.
    Send an email to aiims at [protected] explaining your issue and asking them to take a legal action against these fraudsters.

    AIIMS will usually reply in a week. Or you can call them directly at 01126594242 and ask for a follow up.

    Step 2.

    Send an email again to [protected] seeking the details of legal action aiims have taken. Most probably you wont get a reply to this email.

    Step 3.

    In this step you should utilise the source of RTI. You need to file a RTI to AIIMS seeking the details of legal action Aiims has taken against this fraudsters based on your complaint. Fortunately we have online means to file RTI .

    Use sites like File RTI Application Online ; Online RTI etc

    The address to which you need to file RTI is

    DR Sidharth Satpathy, Prof & Head, Dept of Hospital Admistration & Central Public Information Officer,

    Main Hospital,

    AIIMS Hospital, New Delhi - 29

    AIIMS is supposed to provide all the details of all legal actions they have taken against this NGO based on your complaint.

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