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Saker Shoprite / nasty vindictive and accuse people of stealing

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Went into this ugly and dirty Saker ShopRite for some groceries. I reached into my handbag to look at my coupons and then continued on my way. Finished shopping, surly and stupid cashier by the way. Paid for all, and on my way out, a security agent called "Adam" stopped me and asked me if i took anything, I said no but he said if I cooperate nothing would happen. Took me into a little airless room with my cart, and his cohort went through the cart and my receipt messing up all of my food.
Adam went through my handbag, which is illegal and claimed that i took a bottle of aspirin which was mine. He had no tape - just said that he saw me reach in my handbag. Would not let me go home until police were called to scene. Meanwhile Adam and uneducated sidekick call me names that i cannot repeat. (I am a mom of 3 kids). Policeman walks me to car with my paid groceries and apologizes but tells me that they will file complaint. I get lawyer ($1000) because i dont trust such thugs and i heard that Shoprite is out for blood and they have an incompentent lawyer with a Napoleon complex. Go to court several times(need to miss work), and they want to stick me with a criminal charge. They must be in bed with someone. I pay to get charge knocked down.
Moral of the story - DONT SHOP IN SAKER SHOPRITE - they think everyone is a criminal and also the so called security breaks laws and also are police wanna be's. I am reporting them to Attorney General and Governor because they violated my civil rights. I was forced against my will to stay there. I had to pay them a check which they pocket but i reported them to IRS also.
DO NOT GIVE THEM BUSINESS - this could happen to you too. You are on CAMERA at all times so dont even reach in your purse or pocket - they will accuse you too. Their game is to extort money from innocent people and get money for the township.


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  6th of Oct, 2008
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You went into a ugly and dirty shoprite store because you are ugly and dirty and a liar. Get a life.
  8th of Oct, 2008
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Don't you people have anything better to do. I am an employee of 20 plus years with this company and I have never had any issues with any members of the Saker family. Richard is a very concerned President and CEO of a Billion dollar company and he has always treated his associated with respect and dignity.
  8th of Oct, 2008
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  12th of Nov, 2008
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I agree. It's funny how managment abuses it's employees and the Sakers run around like the good guy's. The Saker's are the ones who put these criminals in these positions and then try to distance themselves away from the fact that they are part of the problem. Good God. As far as Ewing goes, your store manager is a wise old fool who has had enough. He thinks he is better than anybody else and smarter. He dreams bread, thinks bread and lives his life as a stuffing of bread. Bread is his life. Bread is his escape. Bread is his second marriage. Therfore, take a piece of bread, dip it in ###...and throw it in the security office where it belongs.
  30th of Mar, 2009
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it's true, no one is safe from the cameras. i even wonder if they are in the bathrooms. the store in brick is newly renovated and cleaner than it used to be but that presents new problems because now they seem to do everything possible to push the older employers out the door in favor of skinny, shapely, well endowed, "Friendly" kids. my opinion based on what i have observed.
  30th of Mar, 2009
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Be very aware of the cameras, especially employees. not sure if u are even safe in the bathrooms. It isnt a very friendly work enviornment and I'd advise against going there unless u are in for a nervous breakdown, or other harmful effects to your health...is it really healthy Not to be able to drink water as needed??? or to handle filthy money without the use of gloves?
  1st of Apr, 2009
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They should give drug tests at saker shoprites too. I experienced many ''stoned'' employees working on slicers and meat room machinery. Then there is nothing worse then smelling last nights vodka etc on your manager and supervisors breath day in and day out. They get paid to boss you around while stoned or hungover everyday! What the heck is that garbage?! Wall store is a good one too start testing first!!
  27th of Jul, 2009
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In order for shop rite to have case they would have to actually have you taking the bottle off the shelf on the camera and putting in your bag. what store actually really keeps security in the store that seems a little fishy. I work in retail store in a chain and we don't act unless we are positive and have it totally on camera and when my store catches somebody they actually have enough evidence to nail the person to wall. It seems to me in this case shop rite was fishing and had nothing because the police did not make an arrest. There are others ways of preventing shoplifting like make fake security calls or remove flyers from carts. actually accusing somebody is stupid unless you can prove they doing it on a regular basis.
  1st of Oct, 2009
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first of all they dont arrest you if the amount is low second you wouldnt of went to court if you really didnt do it! third if you didnt want to have to miss work or anything then why steal from the store? Fourth you think that the store is ugly and gross then why go in there, just seems like you wanted to show them so you stole from the store thinking that you would get away with it but nope you lost and now your just mad because you got caught well heres a thought DONT STEAL then you wont have anyproblems genuis...your story is to fishy and your missing some parts thats why you went to court and had to pay because you did steal !
  15th of Mar, 2010
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/URL removed/

This woman is out for revenge. Go and read the other article above, and Saker's attorneys response. She claims she is mentally ill yet she writes so well and is organized for revenge. She still has not figured out that she she MUST be accountable. So she stole 20 dollars worth of merchandise and got caught that day. What about the other days she did not get caught? So lets see, if everyone has a bad day then we all get to steal, and then we get to act like babies when we get caught? Hmmm. Must be nice to live like a child. She may be depressed, aren't alot of people these days? BUT, she is not insane! Insanity would be her only excuse to be found not guilty, but she was found guilty. Her pity party is just that, and no one is joining. Awwwwe

BTW, theft is a regular problem at all stores. Security cameras are necessary. They are not allowed to install them in bathrooms, it is illegal. I work for a security company. Every 10-20 dollars taken from various individuals adds up to a lot of money. Criminals hate that they cannot get away with it anymore. Boohoo!
  3rd of Jul, 2010
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And everyone wonders why prices are so high, STOP STEALING! It's not that hard! If you think your co-workers are stoned, REPORT THEM! THESE THINGS ARE NOT HARD TO DO! I don't understand why people think they can get away with stealing! IT AFFECTS EVERYONE! SIGH! And Mellowyellow if the 'stoned' are such a problem in your store, why don't you tell HR? Better yet, TELL A SAKER! JESUS CHRIST.
  14th of Aug, 2010
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that happened to me too, before going to "shoprite" i wen to target, bought a pack of razors and a chapstick, and then went to go grocery shopping. when i was leaving with my bag, they stopped me at the door and told me to cooperate and it will be easy, the man searched my bag, took my razor and chapstick (still in wrappings) and said i stole them, recipets to show that i did not. they didnt believe me and told me that i left the other ones in the car, and stole new ones with the recipets as a hoax. -idiots. now i have a 100.00 fine to pay for doing absolutley nothing. ridiculous.
  2nd of Mar, 2011
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Crackhead liar.
  13th of Mar, 2011
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you should have just paid for the assprin [censor] hole
  19th of Apr, 2011
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I never said anything bad about Richard Saker. He only shows up @ the Ewing store on 2 occassions. Mr. Saker has always been a very nice guy. But what goes on in that store on a daily basis is not reaching him. I have several employees that work stoned & drunk. Nothing is done, and the managers know this but cant prove it. As for going to HR.. That is a laugh in its own. The Ewing HR, Mrs Shaw, is not worth the pay is gets. She backstabs, talks about employees to anyone, & eavesdrops on conversations that are not her concern. As for Mr. CArey, he is a decent Store Manager. Also the night managers are very nice, they all know employees by name. But, some dept managers are the trouble. if you notice anything wrong, you need to make it like you goofed up when you question their doings. They have their pets, and everyone else is the problems. You get write-ups for stupid crap. They threaten your job, even tho people have never been suspended, but yet, they ones that have 3 days suspensions are still there, being coddled...While other bust there butts to get the work done.
  23rd of Apr, 2012
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Saker is all about his money, they do not treat their customers or employees with any kind of respect. The managers have no clue what they are doing and the General Manager is worthless, he sits upstairs in the while customers are on long lines trying to checkout. I am particularly speaking on the shoprite of hamilton square rt 33. I will never shop there I will take my business elsewhere.

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