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I have been complaining @ my local sai service without the problem was solved & I had been sending emails to sai service without reciving an answer. so now I had send this email to them and how else, they never bothered to answer.

To Sai Service Station Ltd

Dear Sir,
I want to give a complaint to the head Sai Service Station Ltd. Office, regarding the inappropriate servicing of my Maruti Zen at Sai Service Station Mapusa, Goa.
My Maruti Zen, Vehicle reg. No. GA01C8642, Model M4 was given on the 18th January 2011 to Sai Service Station Mapusa to resolve a water leakage problem. I had been told then, that the water leakage in the Maruti could only be resolved by installing a new front glass, apron. I agreed and paid 20.000 RS. Deposit. Sai Service Mapusa called us 2 months later to collect the car and to pay an additional 41.000 RS. I brought the car home and water leaked in, 2 inch water on the car floor, leaking even more than ever! The problem was obviously not fixed so I brought it back to Sai Service Mapusa. The Service called me to collect it again and again the problem was not solved. I was called 5 times and went 5 times to collect! The Joke is that after bringing it back each time something was missing or even worse not working anymore. First screws were missing then the breaks stopped to work and my car didn’t start. Now, it is July the 7th and my car is standing unattended and unchanged and conditionally worsened at Sai Service Station Mapusa. Wasted Time, Money and my patience for a bad service! My complaints fell to deaf ears in Mapusa and it is enraging me! Only Empty promises and definitely no peace in my mind! Do you call this Service?!
What am I suppose to do, as a customer? Accept charlatans robbing me?!

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