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This place is in Mohan Nagar, Chinchwad Pune and belongs to Dr. Lokhande and his sons and wife. This is the MOS UNHYGENIC place. Dont go there u will get the following:
1) POOR SERVICE for a cheap price worst than municipal hospital.
2) Rude shedule caste inefficient incometitive doctor like samir lokahde a radiologist who is rude and wants to look at female private parts and fondle them under the pretext of checking. He is also MENTALLY UNSTABLE and takes drugs and comes there under the influence of alcohol and drugs and is a follower of Guru Nanak (but actually a pro-khalistani, and anti Indian and anti upper caste!)
3) Dr, Pratiba his mother has no degree in gynecology but still does c-sections and normal deliveries without a degree! Watch out..!
4) Tell everyone, pass the word around... they also run a PG for girls and I heard this ###er Dr, Samir Lokahnde misbehaves with females there and other lady genecologists and even maids and nurses. They just make any bai a nurse in this hospital by giving white uniform...!! Very schrewd dalits who run this place... ### mentality...! DO NOT GO HERE...!

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  • Pa
      21st of Apr, 2012

    Yes I agree... I took my wife there once and I got the same feeling that this place is run by sadistic and druggist ### Samir and his schedule caste dalit mother a very strange and hyper lady who is anti-upper caste. they keep ###ing upper caste PG girls and one upper caste female ayurvedic doctor ... imagine running a nursing home to deliver babies and No gynecology degree, ayurvedic doctor on staff and no nurses ... only bai's... very unclean and unhygenic place... even they give stitches in a improper way!

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  • Mo
      23rd of May, 2012

    This is the most unhygenic place and doctors are rude and have devious intentions and they spread AIDS

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