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SAI Alarm Company / contract

1 2101 S Arlington Heights RdArlington Heights, IL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 8003403120

I am writing this letter in concern of my alarm monitoring service. I originally purchased my contract from APX alarms in June of 2006. Since the time of my purchase my alarm monitoring has been transferred to SAI, Inc. company and from the notes that I have kept track of, I have had problems since. I first started having problems in January of 2007.
About one month ago I received a note in the mail that said my monitoring services fee would be lowered by around $4.00, then one week later on October 9th a representative, Bianca called and left me a message that the letter was sent in error and I would not be receiving a reduction.
My most recent issue has been with tech support. My alarm started beeping at 2:00 a.m. on October 15, 2008. Since then I have spoken with numerous employees trying to get some help or some financial relief. I have gotten no where. I have called several times and each time spoken with someone new. October 15th I was on the phone with Akeem for 30 minutes punching in code after code on my alarm keypad. Nothing was working so he told me he would dial into my service and call me back. When my alarm started beeping again on 10/19, I called and talked to Tyrone. I informed him that this was the second time I was calling on this same matter, and that Akeem previously had not returned my phone call like he said he would. Tyrone then did the same thing with me, having me type in code after code with no avail, he then said he was sending me out a new panel, when I received it I was to call him and let him know. On October 24th I called and spoke to Adolfo, let him know I received the panel, what next I asked. Adolfo then told me I would receive a call in 3-5 days to have a tech come out and replace my non-working panel. I went the entire week following with again no call to replace my panel. I then called on the 7th day [protected]) to tech support and spoke with Will Gomez who is a supervisor. He told me that he was very sorry for my inconvenience. The work order had been placed, but the tech service didn’t call me. He could not reach them by phone while I was on hold with him. He assured me that I would have a call Saturday November 1, 2008 from his company letting me know if they had any new information on when or why I hadn’t received a tech call to date. Through the weekend, I still did not receive any sort of correspondence with SAI, so I called first thing Monday morning (11/3/8) Eduardo answered the phone and told me Will was out of the office (who is my contact person to get this situation under control), and Will’s supervisor was in a meeting. I told Eduardo that I wanted this problem fixed, and a call from the supervisor in 30 minutes or I would be calling the BBB. Of course, I still at 2:30 pm the same day never heard from tech support or anyone else that may care my alarm does not work.
I am completely and totally frustrated that I am paying $44.99 per month for a service that is currently not working, and has not been since the 15 th of October. I asked the company for a refund, they refused and said I would be able to file for a credit for the time my alarm was working, but that can't be filed until the system is fixed. I can't get a hold of anyone to get it fixed so they want to keep charging me and not provide me with a service. Not only am I paying for the service I am paying for my wasted cell phone minutes every time I sit on the phone with them for 30 minutes at a time.
I wrote the company a certified letter telling them that if my alarm was not fixed in 30 days and I did not receive a credit, I would be taking them off my automatic withdrawal from my checking account and consider my contract voided. I sent that letter November 2nd, and they received it per USPS certified mail November 6th. I still have not received a phone call from anyone with SAI, inc.
I want a refund of the time my service has not been working, and I want my contract voided. This company is a nightmare to work with and their customer service is horrible. I have not spoken with one person who cares that my alarm does not work and I have asked them in times past to fix this problem or turn off my sercice. I will not pay a cancellation fee and if I were to add up all the time I have wasted on the phone, the cell phone minutes and for my loss of sleep over this matter they would owe me a lot of money.

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  • St
      21st of Jan, 2009
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    I was in almost exactly the same situation. I stopped paying as well and they haven't reported it to the credit agencies and if they do I will be hiring a lawyer and suing for the months of paying for their service with my alarm not working, + attorney fees and maybe compensation for all the hassle!!! Bring it ON. I've documented every phone call and employee name I've spoken to, along with making copies of my repeated phone calls to their company. I even video taped myself calling them and typing in code after code on my keypad to no avail. And I video recorded a time I had accidently set my alarm off and the 28 minutes it took for SAI to respond.. The only time they ever attempted to call me was to ask for a payment to be made!! HA! We'll see what they do when my contract is up next month..

  • Ri
      1st of May, 2009
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    I was so fed up with this company I decided to cancel after my contract was up and they told I couldn't. They said my contract renews automatically so since I did not mail or fax them a letter of cancellation before 30 days of renewal, I could not get is cut off. First off, I never got notified about a renew, heck never got a stitch of mail from them to begin with. I really do not think the alarm is really working at all. Just looks cool with blinky lights. This company needs to go down for unfair business practices. They are now CastleRock Security Inc. ( so do not be fooled by them either.


  • An
      6th of May, 2009
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    I have the exact experience with RichmondGuy. What kind of rip-off contract is that? Automatic renewal after the initial contract...They are setting this up to rip people off. If you want paper invoice, they charge you two dollars every month. They change their names every year, APX, Castle Rock or SAI...same terrible company!

    Angry man

  • Ka
      12th of May, 2009
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    SAI Alarm Company - Billing
    SAI Alarm Company

    OMG!! Where do I begin, we have had SAI for almost the full 36 mths and have made a handful of payments due to the crappiest payment processing I have ever come accross. We have received nothing but letters from this [censored]hole company apologizing for the billing error month after month. These people cannot process a payment if their life depended on it. On one occasion we received a credit for 400.00 for the error (Yay for us). We then gave them our credit card number and received another letter stating that due to the Canadian dollar exchange rate being higher than the Americain dollar the system could not convert the dollar amount difference??? (Doesn't visa/m/c do this automatically?) and you would never guess what came in the mail next... Yup that's right another letter stating a another credit. You may think I may be crazy to complain about this but it does get much much better. This December 2008 I received another letter stating that we owed 125.00 and if we did not pay this the service would be terminated and sent to collections for the full amount of 629. 00. I called the customer service department for the 900th time and requested yet another statement and asked the representive if I could send out post dated cheques, she said that it was probably not a good idea as they sometime lose the cheques??? WHO SAYS THAT???? So anyway I sent out a cheque and looked every once in awhile at my online banking with no cheque cashed. In March I called AGAIN and they infomred me that the account had been sent to collections and we owed yet again another 629.00. I received a letter today from the nice collection agancy saying that we owed $1400.00!!! I work in a call centre and know how to compose myself but this was ridiculous!!! I called and they transferred me to the collection agency, I got on the line with some [censored] who actually by law should not have been disclosing any infomation to me but did and told me it was MY FAULT THAT SAI HAD BILLING ISSUES AND ALL MY LETTERS AND CREDITS WERE VOID. I got soo ticked off and told him that I would be disputing the charges, the [censored] then told me I could not dispute it... Oh believe me this will be disputed. NEVER NEVER DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY, I WOULD NOT WISH THIS INCOMPOTENT COMPANY ON ANYONE.

  • Co
      14th of May, 2009
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    I have something different.
    I signed a contract with First Line security about 2 years ago. The company was going to charge my card automatically everymonths.
    When I received my new card, and the old card got declined, they called me right away, and requested the new card number (which I gave them)
    I moved 8 months ago and moved my alarm with me. I didn't notify them of the move or even turned on my system for 3 months (that's to tell you how well them monitor the system).
    Then, I notified them and they told me everything was fine.
    Today, I received a collection notice for not paying my bill telling me that I need to pay $1439.68 for their services and if I don't pay, they will put it on my credit.
    I have been trying to contact someone at SAI to find out what is the problem with my account and why I'm in collection since they are charging my credit card automatically, but No luck, apparently, everyone is too busy to talk to me, because they put me on hold until someone else picks up.

  • Zx
      29th of May, 2009
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    Hi there -

    can you tell me if you have figured out a way to get out of the automatic renewal? It makes my blood boil to think of paying these cheats another dime. They have my american express card # on file and amex says they cannot stop payment on contracts. Even if I cancelled my amex, apparently SAI can still charge it and amex ill send me the bill! Aaargh. Amex said my best bet was to write them a letter and try and get their cooperation.
    I am just stunned that these jerks at SAI can be allowed to auto-renew. I am going to fight on the basis of inferior services and the fact they have changed ownership and collection methods so many times...


  • Ri
      1st of Jun, 2009
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    Yes to all, to stop them, just send a CERTIFIED (notarized is good too) letter to them 30 days prior to renewal telling them you wish to cancel. Make sure when you send it to require a signature upon receipt. This way they cannot say they did not get it. If they charge your account after that, they can be sued. Best companies to go with are ADT, Brinks, and or Vector, they are professional, honest, and not fly by night like this company. Also any company that changes their name when they get into trouble is a clear sign they are dishonest. Good luck and hope this helps everyone duped by this company. Word of mouth goes along way!

  • Ri
      1st of Jun, 2009
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    Here is the info you need, Send letter to Castle Rock, 2101 S. Arlington Heights Rd, Suite 150, Arlington Heights, IL, 60005, Phone (800-705-7681), then fax the same letter to them at (877-724-7719) Web Address -

    Good luck to all and put this company out of the SCAM business.. As American's we need to stop business from doing this to is citizens, especially the elderly that get duped in scams like this. We have had enough of the Enron, WorldCom, Fanny May, and others in this country.

  • Sa
      2nd of Jun, 2009
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    I sent them the certified letter 30 days before the contract ended and faxed them to make sure my contract did not auto-renew and even when you do that it is STILL hard to get them to stop billing you.

    I am tangling with them now. Their reps even admit that my account should be cancelled and they acknowledge that they received my notice in time but they still can't work through their bureaucracy to keep me from getting billed.

    Be sure to email these people (the President and the customer service managers):,,,

  • Sh
      3rd of Jun, 2009
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    Wow...I am really feeling good about the fact that I can actually vent with people who totally understand. I too have an APX alarm system and my contract was sold to SAI just 45 days after purchasing the system. Suddenly I was behind 2 payments according to SAI's records. I have made many, many phone calls and finally wrote a letter to the Chief Financial Officer. I did get a call back and talked to a really nice lady, don't have a clue where my account really stands because I get a bill whenever someone feels like mailing me one.
    I thought when I got such a nice professional letter from Castle Rock telling me they were taking over that maybe things would get better. Haven't heard from them since. No bills, no nothing. I have 10 months left on my contract and know from my sons experience with them that I need to send a letter at least 30 days before it ends. I could however send one now stating that when my contract ends I won't be renewing and have them keep it on file. At least then they can't say that it was late.
    Since my problems with them started so soon after signing on and I do all my bills by ebanking, I make copies of the payments every month and print out a payment history with conformation numbers and dates they cashed the checks every 180 days. At least I can prove that I have made all the required payments according to my contract and they will stop being paid after the 36th payment.
    I really feel bad for anyone who has given them a credit / debit card number as I have heard that they charge accounts at will. I have also complained many times to APX for selling my contract to such a horrible company but they really don't care. What we really need to do is to let people know not to buy an APX alarm.

  • Na
      16th of Jun, 2009
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    I have had such a nightmare with SAI alarm as well. Started with Apex where I got the alarm installed in 2006. I signed up for automatic payment. Each month my payment would come out of my bank account. Never would the payments be the same they always varied within about $5. When they sold to SAI, that month Apex took a payment and SAI took a payment as well so I was double billed for that month. That took months to resolve between the two companies. After my 3 years (recently) my contract was up I decided to end the alarm service, I was told by Lee my contract ended May 20, 2009 and in order to cancel I would need to send a letter to them at least 30 days prior to cancel the alarm. I sent the letter and what do you know, June came around and there was a charge. I called back and was told that I was not able to cancel becuase I owed a balance of $9.43 and when you owe a balance you can not cancel. I asked how I owed a balance when they took money out of my account since day one! They told me they "accidently" forgot to take out the taxes one month.They did apologize for that. I asked them to take out the $9.43 and cancel my account. It was not MY problem or fault they "forgot" to take taxes out and I owed the balance. They said they could not because I had to cancel 30 days prior to my contract ending and since I owed the "taxes" that I could not cancel and automatically renewed my contract for another year. After threatening to file a complaint with the BBB, the manager finally said he would let me out of my "contract". Hopefully, this is the end.

  • Ma
      15th of Jul, 2009
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    I actually today was required to submit my termination letter. I faxed one, sent one in the mail, and also e-mailed the vice president of the company. I then called tonight and asked a representative if she received my notice not to renew my contract. She told me that she did not see anything on file. That is fine I have all the receipts e-mails and documentations of phone calls I can get my bank to stop payment to them that I know will not be an issue. I find it so bad that a company would actually prey upon people this way.

  • Sl
      20th of Jul, 2009
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    We had the exact same happen to us as Richmond. They told us they 'automatically' renewed us, even though we receive any information about this. We have called them, for them only to say the we had to send a written letter, 30 days prior to our contract ending. We have fulfilled our contract with them, that was signed.

    We are stopping payment with the bank today, and I will be sending a certified letter with return receipt today. There is no need to call these scammers. You will only be wasting your time.

  • Sp
      27th of Jul, 2009
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    Guess what? When I had called to advise them that I did not wish to renew my term, the girl had told me I was locked in for 3 more years as an auto-renewal. She said I didn't write them 30 days BEFORE the auto-renewal date so there was nothing I could do for three more years and that they would continue to bill my American express.
    I did not have my contract with me when I had been speaking to her but found it the next day, phew!
    Here's the kicker- that girl lied outright. In my contract it said after the initial term expires, I may at ANY TIME provide 30 days notice to cancel. I ended up phoning American express again, they stood by on the line while I phoned sai. This time a male in the cancellation dept spoke to me and said he did not know why the girl had told me I could not cancel. He said there was nothing in their system to suggest that and she must have been "confused"! I complained about her misleading conduct to him, and then immediately faxed the letter to cancel. They had been much more charming knowing Amex was listening in.
    So there you go, they LIE outright. Have your contract handy when u talk to them, that's obvious I know, but don't ever give your credit card # to them or any other vague company ie fitness clubs.
    Also, I kept all the equipment. American express was very patient and helpful, she was on the phone with me for an hour!

  • Ne
      29th of Aug, 2009
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    I just got off the phone with them myself. My contract ended in July and I didn't remember how close I was to the end of it (3 years is a long time to remember). I don't recall receiving any notice that the term was ending either. They said that I have to send a letter in writing to them within 30 days prior to the end of the contract or they auto-renew. I can't get out of the contract for another year. The kicker is that they had come out 3 years ago around the neighborhood, door to door, to install these. Another company came by the other day the exact same way and said that I could transfer over to them and they would update my equipment for free. My SAI system runs through the phone lines, which is apparently an outdated system as the phone lines are easily cut by burglers. The current systems are run through cell phone signals. I told them I was under contract with SAI, but they assured me that I had 60 days after the end of the contract to cancel from the old company and they were changing over all my neighbors. I had my old contract paperwork still and pulled it out. It didn't state anything about this additional 60 day window, but the sales rep assured me that it was fine. Thank goodness I didn't believe him or I'd be stuck under 2 contracts now. Please be careful, this is apparently a great way for scamming companies to take people in. I will be contacting my lawyer next week to see how much of this is legal.

  • Je
      2nd of Sep, 2009
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    I called and found out about the 30 day letter a few months ago. I just realized I missed the 30 day window while on vacation, so it looks like I'm stuck with them for another year, and for half of that I (hopefully) won't even own this house! The previous owners suckered me into taking over their contract. I will NOT do that to someone else, no matter how cheated I feel.

  • Zx
      3rd of Sep, 2009
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    If your contract is like mine it says after the initial term expires, I may at ANY TIME provide 30 days notice to cancel. That means you are not locked in to renew and you can cancel at anytime -if you are confused, post and I will respond! Don't give these jerks your money if you don't have to.

  • Me
      10th of Mar, 2010
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    SAI Alarm Company - Fraudulent business practices
    SAI Alarm Company
    United States

    I signed on with this company 2 years ago 6/07, which was then called Firstline. I immediately had billing issues with them. Fortunately they called me and told me that they had forgotten to bill my visa acct for 3 months and needed to arrange for payment, about the same time, I think, they changed name to SAI. I rec'd a phone call on 6/29/09 from a collection agency stating that they were representing CastleRock Security for non-payment. I thought this was a hoax call since I had never heard of CastleRock (another new name for Firstline/SAI). They said this company had turned my account over to them for non-payment (thus my contract was xld by them) and now they want $225 for past due security service of 5months, breach of contract fee of $600 and equipment charges of $250+.

    I have filed with the Better Business Bureau and am talking with a lawyer. I have perfect credit and always pay my bills immediately. I had received ZERO communication (written or oral) from SAI/Castlerock about this issue. Now they will not talk with me as I am a "blocked" account for nonpayment and forward me onto the collection agency.

  • Di
      5th of May, 2010
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    We need to class action these guys. look for this other thread:

  • Di
      5th of May, 2010
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    We need to class action these guys, any lawyers interested?:

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