Sahalie / merchandise has never shipped

I ordered some items for an upcoming trip to Colorado on December 14, 2008 and requested their VIP delivery service. Per the shipping information on the website, orders placed before 2 pm EST will be shipped the same day and will be received in 2-3 business days. I ordered after 2pm, so the items should have been shipped on December 15. Today is December 17 and according to the order status section of their website, the items still haven't shipped. I have sent two e-mails and have only gotten back one weak response. I have tried calling customer service for two days now and have been placed on perpetual hold. Today when I try to call customer service the recording says they are too busy and to call back later. This is absolutely ridiculous. If they are that busy they should hire extra workers for this time of year. For goodness sake, people are out of work all over the place now. Surely they could find plenty of people looking for extra work. If I don't receive my items by Friday, December 19, 2008, I will dispute the charges to my credit card if I do end up receiving the items. Customer service for this company is absolutely pitiful!


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