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I saw the job add in the pennysaver for corona, ca. said that they were offering up to 4000/month for the management position in a local office that they were opening within 30-90 days. they set up an interview the same day, filled out the application, and she hired me on the spot and charging me a 'registration fee' of $60.00 and then the first day of training they wanted $99.00 for the 'kit fee' which would be 'refunded upon becoming a manager'... they are full of BS!! Someone i know told me that it was a scam so i am going to get my money back or i WILL take legal action.. STAY AWAY FROM SAFETY PRO!!

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  • Ra
      Apr 07, 2011

    Regarding Safety Pro, you are 100% correct, I put thousands into to this so called manager position. It is the biggest scam. They also make it seem like there is multiple locations when there is only a few. They will not reveal anything to you until they want money. Once you get trained in selling product, you think your done? No! they will tell you you need to sell more! Another goal is set for you. then work toward your office. that in itself is a big rip off!! Don't fall for the lies and scam. Let me know if you have any questions.

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  • Ad
      Sep 08, 2011

    I saw the same add in the pennysaver and i called got an interview the same day and i got hired and payed 60 bucks know im reading all these complaints and ima get my money back one way or another its just sad on how poeple will go down so damn low to cheat poeple who are in need of employment stay away from this BS company its just a big damn scam

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