SAFELOCK ID USUnfamiliar charges to my credit card


I received my bank statement and on it was a charge of $38.84 to "8299 SAFELOCK ID" with the following information: "UT [protected] SAFELOCK ID US". Upon calling the number given, the phone rang then without delay I received a busy signal.

I would like this to be removed from my account and the charges reversed. Being that there was no person to confirm this charge, I strongly request that no more charges be made to my credit card. My bank is aware of this situation and I again, strongly advise that a person contacts me soon.

It appears that 'SAFELOCK' has received numerous complaints already and I am not the first, nor do I believe that I not be the last.

Any other inquiries, please contact me at the numbers given. I will be awaiting to hear from someone...SOON!!

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